Studying the intentions of hotel guests to engage in green programs in Egyptian hotels

Volume 2, Issue 1, Article 6 - 2021

Authors: Mohammed S. Sayed

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Many factors are currently pushing the hospitality sector to be more environmentally friendly. Moreover, hotel management is increasingly aware of its environmental impact, and it is gradually taking positive steps and green initiatives such as conserving water, energy-saving and solid waste reduction." Many hotels have already applied for some green plans. Besides, customers began to prefer green rather than regular hotels during their stay. This research aims to determine what influences the intention of hotel guests to participate in green activities. Results have also shown that green hotel policies and practices are well accepted by tourists, such as energy-saving light bulbs in guest rooms, recycling bins in rooms and lobbies, as well as green certifications. Many guests agreed to the green initiatives proposed in the study. They preferred to stay and participate in green-based practices and programs in hotels unless this could increase accommodation costs. The result also provides hoteliers with how these attributes can attract holidaymakers who care about the environment. These programs require to be monitored continuously with the growth in the greening of hotels. Finally, hotel establishments must pay attention and start implementing some of these green initiatives because they are inexpensive and help protect our environment.

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Sayed, Mohammed (2021). Studying the intentions of hotel guests to engage in green programs in Egyptian hotels. International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Studies, 2(1): 61-65