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International Journal of Legal and Comparative Jurisprudence Studies (LCJS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published by Refaad. It is specialized in scientific research in various legal fields. Those researches are compatible with recent developments at the national and international levels, and follow up on the most prominent developments in national legal legislation and international conventions. Provided that the scientific works submitted are characterized by seriousness, scientific originality, and objectivity, the journal accepts all studies and researches related to comparative Arab and foreign legislation.


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Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking

Kheireddine Laib , Ehab El hegawy

The phenomenon of human trafficking has spread remarkably during the recent period as no country is safe from it, especially with the growth of international and non-international armed conflicts and the deterioration of economic conditions in some countries, especially the third world countries that ...

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Legitimate Defense Between the United Nations Charter and the Statute of the International Criminal Court (A Comparative Study)

Alkhansaa Ahmed Saeed

One of the objectives of the research is to shed light on the right of legitimate defense because of its special importance at the level of international law and international organizations due to the absence of an international body that has at its disposal a permanent force that is used, when necessary, ...

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Denial of the Possibility of Childbearing

Mamdooh Khaleel Al Bahar

What is meant by depriving the biological ability to reproduce is to eliminate the function of the reproductive system by using surgical or other means that prevent pregnancy permanently. Sterilization may take place in men through the method of castration, as it is done by cutting the seminal duct, ...

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The Legal Position of Obligations of Company Legal Entity Termination

Afak Ahmed Bniata , Abdul Salam Muhammad Al-Fadl

This research deals with the legal status of the obligations that appear after the expiry of the legal personality of the company, and the Jordanian legislator did not address this important issue. Therefore, it was necessary to refer to jurisprudence, judicial rulings, and general rules of civil law ...

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Restrictions of the Gifts Offered by Banks to their Employees (A Comparative Jurisprudential Legal Study)

Hasan Harb Allasassmeh

Development shall be promoted by instigating the production of the employees of the banks to encourage the clients to purchase the development services in order to support their activities which matter is done by offering gifts according to the legal and Sharia restrictions in order to achieve the development ...

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