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International Journal of Legal and Comparative Jurisprudence Studies (LCJS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published by Refaad. It is specialized in scientific research in various legal fields. Those researches are compatible with recent developments at the national and international levels, and follow up on the most prominent developments in national legal legislation and international conventions. Provided that the scientific works submitted are characterized by seriousness, scientific originality, and objectivity, the journal accepts all studies and researches related to comparative Arab and foreign legislation.


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Electronic Copyright Protection in the Palestinian and Islamic Legislation

Abdel Qader Saber Ali Jarada , Manal Mohammad Ramadan Al-Ashi

This study addresses a question that has arisen in the contemporary jurisprudential actual status, which is about the author’s right to protect his electronic writings, which have become of financial value. Such protection is to prove to the owner’s title and his right to act. This made it ...

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The Criminal Responsibility of Banks for the Crime of Money Laundering in the Light of the Saudi System

Hassan Youssef Mustafa magableh , Ridaa AbdulRahman Muhammad AlSugayri

Money laundering crimes are closely related to banking and financial institutions, as they are one of the most important tributaries to which those involved in these crimes resort, as a result of the tremendous technical development in the field of information and communication technology, which resulted ...

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The Legal Framework of Terrorism Crimes under the International Standards of Human Rights and the National Legal System

Nahla Abdelkader AL Momani , Saif Ziad AL Junidi

The balance between human rights the maintenance of order is one of the issues that causes controversy at both the international and internal levels due to the importance of these two axes in the advancement of society and the preservation of its economic, social, political and cultural entity. In this ...

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A Reading in the Problems of Some Cases of International Jurisdiction of Bahraini Courts between Expansion and Narrowing: A Comparative and Critical Analytical Study

Mohammed Waleed Almasri

While the articles regulating cases of Bahrain’s international jurisdiction are keen to establish various controls that seek to ensure close ties to the conflict with Bahrain and the appropriateness of its courts to consider it and ensure the greatest possible effectiveness of national judgments ...

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Protecting the Electronic Consumer from Arbitrary Conditions According to Jordanian Law

Sadam Hussein Youssef Alrahamneh

This study aimed to identify the extent to which the electronic consumer is protected from arbitrary conditions according to the Jordanian law, and followed the descriptive approach, which is an arbitrary condition that arises out of or permits arbitrariness to occur. The judge may interpret, modify ...

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Comment on a Judicial Decision-Temporary Interruption of an Employment Contract

Samira hazaoui

The illness of the legally proven employee suspends his employment contract temporarily in accordance with Article 32 of the Labor Law. And since it is proven in jurisprudence and the judiciary that it is not permissible to impose any disciplinary penalty on the employee during the justified suspension ...

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