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International Journal of Legal and Comparative Jurisprudence Studies (LCJS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published by Refaad. It is specialized in scientific research in various legal fields. Those researches are compatible with recent developments at the national and international levels, and follow up on the most prominent developments in national legal legislation and international conventions. Provided that the scientific works submitted are characterized by seriousness, scientific originality, and objectivity, the journal accepts all studies and researches related to comparative Arab and foreign legislation.


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Legislative Means to Address the Economic Imbalance in the Construction Contract- Comparative Analytical Study

Mohammad Khair Mahmoud Al-Adwan , Mahmoud Hammad Al-Bousaidi

The construction Contract is one of the civil contracts that may be affected by various factors that make it vulnerable to the economic imbalance of the contract. For this reason, rebalancing the contract becomes an urgent need to ensure the stability of the contractual relationship and ensure contractual ...

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Legal References for Palestinian Foreign Policy

Mohammed Abbas Alzain

The current Palestinian foreign policy arose under the Palestine Liberation Organization as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people and is now led by the Palestinian National Authority which was established after the Oslo Accords in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Therefore, it is ...

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The Discretionary Power of the Criminal Judge in Determining the Penalty (Historical Rooting)

Bayan Ali Al Mahri , Saif Ahmed Al Rawahi

Crime lived sophisticated as society evolved. Consequently, sanctions have been imposed so that there is no danger to society and to ensure its security, stability, and protection. But different times and many experiences have been generated by Penal legislation, convinced of the need to empower the ...

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Constitutional and Legal Guarantees Related to Freedom of the Press and Media in the Jordanian Legal System

Nahla Abdelkader AL Momani

Freedom of press and media is a key component of the right to freedom of expression, which enjoys constitutional protection and guaranteed by international human rights standards, foremost of which is the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which Jordan ratified and published in the ...

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Challenges of Higher Education Administration at the Level of Administrative Management

Zaher Mohammed Amur Al Hajri

  This study relates to higher education from the administrative side and not from the academic side and addresses the problems and failures in university administration and the direct and indirect impact on its profitability whether at the level of human cadres or management of attachments, leading ...

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