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International Journal of Legal and Comparative Jurisprudence Studies (LCJS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published by Refaad. It is specialized in scientific research in various legal fields. Those researches are compatible with recent developments at the national and international levels, and follow up on the most prominent developments in national legal legislation and international conventions. Provided that the scientific works submitted are characterized by seriousness, scientific originality, and objectivity, the journal accepts all studies and researches related to comparative Arab and foreign legislation.


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The Constitutional Regulation of Seat Vacancy of a Palestinian Legislative Council Member

Issa Jaddllah , Abdelmalik Remawi

Objectives: The study aimed to identify the constitutional and legal regulation of the vacancy of a member of the Legislative Council and to reveal the shortcomings in the legal texts that dealt with regulating membership. Methods: The researchers adopted the descriptive and analytical approach of the ...

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The Legal Construction to Compensate the Legal Person for Moral Damage

Moh’d Ali Khaled Al-Shorman

Objectives: The study aimed to reveal the issue of the legal structure for compensating a legal person for moral damage, by clarifying what a legal person is, clarifying the concept of moral damage and its connection to a legal person, and clarifying the basis for compensating a legal person for moral ...

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Integration and Interdependence between the Development Dimensions of Higher Education Institutions in the Arab Countries (An Analytical Study)

Zaher Mohammed Amur Al Hajri

Objectives: This study aims to highlight the different dimensions of development through university administration and propose solutions and ideas that help develop the outcomes of those dimensions and link them to development. Methods: The narrative and analytical approach was followed in the research ...

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Doctor's Civil Liability in Weight Loss Operations

Sara Hussein Ayasrah

Objectives: This research aims to demonstrate the doctor's civil liability for medical errors occurring in weight deficiencies whether for his personal error or the mistakes of others from medical staff and the machinery and tools used to determine the physician's civil liability. A contractual liability ...

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The Legal Value of the Preparatory Work and Agreement "Oil Contracts as a Model"

Osama Mohammad Khalil , Adnan salih Alomar

Objectives: This research seeks to identify the role preparatory work in oil contracts because of the need of these contracts to preparatory and negotiating rounds, so that the oil-producing states- in particular developing countries- can reach to the best contracts to achieve the contractual balance. Methods: ...

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The Criminal Responsibility of the Psychiatric Patient

Majed bin Mubarak Al Buraidi , Masaud bin Humaid Al Maamari

Objectives: Psychological diseases are currently some of the most common diseases, as a result of many organic and social factors. Those diseases affect man and his mental and physical powers. This effect may extend to deficient or no perception and will that make man unable to control his acts and, ...

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The Judge’s Discretion in Annulling the Transfer of Title to Real Property Under the Real Property Law

Rama “Mohammad Yahya” Al-Haddad

Objectives: The purpose of this study was to explain the subject judge's discretionary authority regarding the invalidity of transactions imposed on a property under Real Estate Property Law No. 13 of 2019. Methods: The idea of a void contract was explained using a descriptive analytical approach. However, ...

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