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International Journal of Legal and Comparative Jurisprudence Studies (LCJS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published by Refaad. It is specialized in scientific research in various legal fields. Those researches are compatible with recent developments at the national and international levels, and follow up on the most prominent developments in national legal legislation and international conventions. Provided that the scientific works submitted are characterized by seriousness, scientific originality, and objectivity, the journal accepts all studies and researches related to comparative Arab and foreign legislation.


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Prospects and Challenges of the Rules of International Humanitarian Law in Light of the Development of Armed Conflicts

Kheireddine Laib

This study aims to analyze the most important challenges facing international humanitarian law in light of the current scientific and technological development, which has produced new data represented in the emergence of terrorist organizations that have become a new challenge for the promising international ...

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What is Comparative Law

Marwa Kamal Abduljawad

The study aims to clarify the role of comparative law in the history of formation of national legislation. It identifies challenges in comparative legal studies and demonstrates the value of comparative legal education in Arab law schools. In a world of rapid legal accidents and renewed legal interactions, ...

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The Extent of the Applicability of the Status of Legitimate Fighters to the Fighters of the Military Wings of the Palestinian Resistance Factions in Light of the Provisions of International Humanitarian Law "The Martyr Ezzedine Al-Qassam Brigades as a Model"

Imran Yehia Ahmed Abu Musameh , Othman Yehia Ahmed Abu Musameh

The Palestinian resistance against Israeli occupation arose as a natural and patriotic reaction to a people whose land was occupied and expelled by force of arms. Mean While Occupation is action and resistance are reaction. Many problems have arisen with regard to the military wings of the Palestinian ...

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The Criminal Protection of Digital Evidence in Light of UAE Law NO. 34 of 2021

Abdul-Ghani Qassem Al-Shuaibi

Technology, in the modern era, witnessed a remarkable development to reach a new revolution that had an impact on the various aspects of life, which is the information technology revolution, or as it is called the electronic age. These scientific achievements were accompanied by the emergence of new ...

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The Legal Status of Juvenile in Bahraini Labor Law: A Comparative Study

Khaled Jamal Ahmad Hassan

It is no doubt that employing a juvenile, while he lacks the physical, psychological and mental capabilities required for the work he is contracted to do, is a great danger that threatens, not only the future of the juvenile, but also the human societies overall, especially within the spread of the phenomenon ...

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Pledging The Moral Movable Thing in Islamic Jurisprudence: A Referential Study

Maen “Mohammad Ali” Salameh Al Qassaymeh

This research aims at studying the method of pledging of the moral thing under the rules of pledge in Islamic jurisprudence. Whereas these rules bind the pledger to deliver the pledged thing to the pledgee, this delivery may be concluded if the subject of the pledge is a tangible thing. Meanwhile, if ...

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Reasons and Results of the 28th Defense order in Jordan under the Coronavirus Pandemic

Mohammed Ibrahim Abu El-Haija , Mohammad A. Al-Thunibat , Mustafa Mousa Alajarmeh

The aim of this study is to investigate the rationale behind Defense Order Number 28 in response to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic and its impact on the legal rights of creditors. The study employed an analytical methodology, examining the defense orders, local laws, international conventions, ...

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Bibliographic Information Email: DOI: 10.31559/LCJS ISSN 2708-6607 (Online) ISSN 2708-6593 (Print) Freq. : 3 Times/ year Language : Arabic, English, French Articles : 70

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