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Reviewer's responsibilities and tasks

  • Assisting the editor in making editorial decisions.
  • Examine the paper carefully and make sure it is organized according to the author's guidelines.
  • Careful examination of the objectives of the research paper.
  • Ensure the validity of the conclusions, results and recommendations.
  • Identify relevant published works that have not been cited by the authors.
  • Proofreading according to publication standards for research papers, especially grammar and punctuation.
  • The reviewer needs to make some suggestions to the author that are useful for improving the paper.
  • The reviewer must inform the editor of his/her exemption from the judging process if he/she feels that the topic of the paper does not match his/her research interests or that he/she does not have enough time to review it.

* To review the details, please see the publication policy of the relevant journal

Reviewer's Privileges

  • The reviewer obtains a membership certificate stating that he has joined the peer-reviewing panel in the journal.
  • The reviewer gets 25 points for each peer-reviewed research paper, which can be used to pay the fees for publishing research papers within Refaad journals (as a principal researcher or co-researcher) and also benefit from Author Services
  • Enable references to enhance knowledge by reviewing the latest research work in their specializations.

Reviewer Selection Criteria

  • He/she should have experience in the specialized field related to the journal.
  • Commitment to the time allotted for the peer-reviewing of the research paper specified by the journal committee.
  • To have a doctorate degree, and to have experience in refereeing research in refereed journals.
  • To be able to present observations, opinions and criticisms in a scientific and objective manner, away from personal criticism of the author.
  • To abide by the journal's privacy policy, and to be fully aware of the rules and standards of scientific peer-reviewing.
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