Refaad aims at better future for the research community

We promote quality research and open access

At Refaad, Respect and Trust is the foundation of our dealings with the research community


Refaad for Studies and Research is an independent research institution run by academics and researchers specialized in various scientific fields, seeking to provide a scientific platform suitable for publishing in various fields, in addition to providing administrative and academic consulting. Refaad aims at meeting the highest standards of scientific and research publications in various fields such as the fields of humanities, social sciences, modern sciences, management and development economics


  • Contributing to the dissemination of scientific research
  • Providing a scientific environment that includes groups of scientists and researchers from multiple countries


  • Creation of world-class scientific journals that are indexed by some of the leading indexing databases
  • Supporting studies, researches and consultations in accordance with the vision of the Center
  • Holding sound and specialized conferences and symposiums
  • Providing sponsorship to distinguished researchers


  • Adoption of clarity and transparency
  • Adoption of impartiality and objectivity and following professional ethics
  • The pursuit of excellence through high professionalism and care for creativity and innovation

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