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Scientific Partnership with a new perspective

At Refaad, we look forward to partnering with you to build a better scientific and publishing environment. We view partnerships as a way for us to build on each other's strengths, and achieve the outcome that we all deserve and the success that maximizes benefits for the scientific community.

Whether you are a scientific researcher, institution, association, scientific or academic organization, We at Rafaad offer you a range of different partnership opportunities

Hosting and launching scientific journals

With the world entering the third millennium, a period of time characterized by automation and the adoption of digital technology. it is critical for today's intellectual and research institutions to enter this digital race in order to succeed further and achieve the desired goals

We offer an elegant scientific website that embraces your scientific journal and includes your institution's logo while meeting the full criteria for international peer-reviewed journals.

Establishing New Journals in Cooperation with Scientific Institutions

We, at Refaad, welcome launching new specialized Journals in cooperation with any scientific institution. This will open the door for the scientific institution to take an active part in forming the Editorial Board of the Journal, in addition to obtaining special publications discounts for all it’s members.

Publication of scientific conferences and symposia research

Over the past years, Rafaad cooperated with the scientific authorities and universities by publishing the scientific papers participating in their conferences in special Refaad journal issues. This spans all the subjects that are consistent with Rafad journals, after subjecting these papers to the publication criteria followed for Rafaad’s journals.

We welcome more cooperation in this area, and we invite the scientific institutions organizing conferences to contact us for more information and offers.

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