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Bulletin of Advanced English Studies (BAES) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published by Refaad. BAES provides a forum of information of English studies to enable the researcher to gain the newest information in the field and to contribute to its continued updating. The journal presents research and development in the field of English studies.



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A Comparative Investigation of Sibawayh and Jakobson in Functional Linguistics

Albatool Abalkheel , Maha Sourani

The objective of this research is to connect Arabic theoretical linguistics with modern linguistics, not by disregarding the present and attributing the later theories solely to Arab grammarians and rhetoricians, as has often been assumed. Rather, this research aims to qualitatively explore the linguistic ...

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The Importance of Digital Stories in the Educational Process

Ahed Salem Allawansah , Mustafa Bin Che Omar

Purpose: The study aims to identify the importance of digital stories in the educational process. The study uses the descriptive approach where the research presents the concept of digital stories, their types, their importance in education, their advantages, and the stages of their production. Methodology: ...

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