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Bulletin of Advanced English Studies (BAES) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published by Refaad. BAES provides a forum of information of English studies to enable the researcher to gain the newest information in the field and to contribute to its continued updating. The journal presents research and development in the field of English studies.



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Corrective Feedback of Grammarly in Enhancing L2 Writing by EFL Kurdish Students

Nayef Jomaa , Hishyar Jibroo

Background: Writing is the most difficult skill due to its complex communication mechanism. However, only a few studies have addressed the effect of technology on improving the writing skill. Purpose: This study aims to analyze the types of errors in second-language writing committed by second-grade ...

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Ghost in T. S. Eliot's Poetry

Manaar Kamil Saeed

As a poet, Eliot interacted with the spirits of the eminent dead. He is always calling up ghosts in his literary practice because of how heavily he uses the echoes of deceased writers. Eliot sees Dante and Donne as live ghosts, but he attempts to cast off additional historical figures as dead weight. ...

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A Reading in the History of English Language Education in Iraq

Amjed Alrickaby

English language education (ELE) in Iraq has always been in a state of confusion and unsatisfactory outcomes; the curricula and methods have continually been subject to criticism and revisions since its commencement. To explore the intricacies of ELE in Iraq, this paper maps out its history to identify ...

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