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International Journal of Educational and Psychological Studies (EPS) is an international, is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published Bimonthly by Refaad. The journal aims to publish refereed research on educational and psychological issues in its various branches and specializations. Its aim is to activate the scientific research movement in these issues on the Arab and international levels according to distinguished international professional standards. This is fulfilled with the participation of elites of distinguished international members and arbitrators in building a knowledgeable society through the dissemination of purposeful and high-quality educational research.

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The Effectiveness of an Educational Program Based on the 5Es Learning Cycle Model in Acquiring Reflective Thinking Skills for 10th Grade Female Students in Physics in Jordan

Elham Hassan Shehadah Shadid , Omar Abdul Razzaq Omar Al-Huaymel

The study aimed to determine the effectiveness of an educational program based on the (5Es) learning cycle model in acquiring reflective thinking skills for tenth grade female students in Physics in Jordan. The study used a semi-experimental research method for an intentional sample consisting of (52) ...

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A Proposal to Develop the Performance of Basic Education School Principals in Crisis Management in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate, Sultanate of Oman

Ahmed Yasir Al-Ruqaishi , Radhiya Sulaiman Al-Habsi

The current study aimed to prepare a proposed scenario for developing the performance of basic education school principals in managing crises in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman. To achieve the goal of the study, the researcher relied on the descriptive approach, in studying the reality ...

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Practicing of Organizational Justice Among the Headmasters of Kindergarten Schools in the City of Buraidah from the Point of View of the Teachers

Shaden Abdullah Abdulaziz Al-Dabaikhi

The study aimed to determine the scale of practicing of organizational justice among the headmasters of kindergarten schools in Buraidah from the opinion of the teachers and discover the statistically significant differences that are due to the variable (years of experience - specialization - qualification ...

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The Cognitive Holding Power and its Relationship to Self-Independence Among Secondary School Students in Al-Ahsa Governorate

Samira Muhareb Al-Otaibi , Fatima Adnan Al-Shakis , Nouf Mubarak Al-Qahtani

The aim of the research was to determine the levels of cognitive holding power and the level of self-independence among secondary school students in Al-Ahsa Governorate, the significance of the correlation between the levels of cognitive holding power and self-independence and its dimensions, and the ...

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Serious Creativity and its Relationship to Some Variables Among Talented Students at the Secondary Stage in Jeddah

Sahar Saad Althagafi , Nawal Abdullah Aldhobaiban

The current study aimed to identify the Serious Creativity of a sample of talented students at the secondary stage in Jeddah and its relationship to some demographic variables (gender/school stage). To achieve this, the study used the serious creativity scale prepared by Al-Akra (2017). Data were collected ...

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The Effectiveness of a Remote Program Based on the Techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis to Provide Illiterate Mothers by Methods of Dealing with the Behaviors of their Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Amani Musaad Saad Al-Quthami , Nermeen Abdel Rahman Qutub

The study aimed to identify the effectiveness of a remote program based on the techniques of applied behavior analysis to provide illiterate mothers by methods of dealing with the behaviors of their children with autism spectrum disorder and to achieve this, the study used the quasi-experimental approach ...

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Effect of Visual Teaching Strategy on the Academic Achievement in Physics for First Secondary Students in Haql

Nayfa Hassan Faraj Al- Omrani , Bashayer Raghyan Al- Balawi

The problem of the research is identified in the weakness of academic achievement in physics for First Secondary Students in Haql, and as a contribution to solve this problem, the research purpose was to check the effect of the Visual Teaching Strategy on their academic achievement in Physics. To achieve ...

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The Role of Talent Management in Achieving Strategic Entrepreneurship in Public Universities at Sultanate of Oman

Yusra Muhammad Salim Almughairi , Aieman Ahmad Al-Omari , Omer Hashim Ismail

The study aimed to demonstrate the role of talent management in achieving strategic entrepreneurship at Sultan Qaboos University: one of the public universities in the Sultanate of Oman and the challenges facing the application of talent management at Sultan Qaboos University. The study used a qualitative ...

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The Effect of Teaching Grammatical Concepts Using the Scamper Model on the Achievement of Eighth Grade Students in the Qasr District Directorate

Hesham Rashed Al-Budairat , Mohammed lbrahim Al- Ghaziwat

The study aimed to know the effect of teaching grammatical concepts using the Scamper model on the achievement of eighth grade students in government schools affiliated to the Directorate of Education and Teaching of al-Qasrdistrict in the Karak Governorate, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.                                                                              ...

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Role Conflict Among Mothers of Children with Intellectual Disabilities at the Sultanate of Oman in Light of the Corona Pandemic

Amira Sulaiman Abdullah Al Kindi , Ahmed MJ O Alfawair

The current study aimed to identify the Conflict of Roles among mothers of children with intellectual disabilities at the Sultanate of Oman. Descriptive design was used. The study sample consists of (86) respondents who were mothers of children with intellectual disabilities. The researcher developed ...

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The Human Rights Included and Proposed to be in Social Studies Textbooks for Primary and Secondary Levels in Jordan

Khadija Abdul Qadir Al-Odainat , Omar Hussain Al-Omari

The study aimed to identify human rights included in social studies textbooks for the primary and secondary levels in Jordan. The study sample consisted of (26) textbooks, and the descriptive analytical method was used, based on the content analysis method. The study tool consisted of a content analysis ...

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Degree of Students' Social and Emotional Learning Competencies in the Schools of the Second Episode of Basic Education in Oman

Ali bin Saeed bin Saleem Al-matri , Moza bint Abdullah bin Khamis Al-Muqbaliya , Iman bint Mohammad bin Zaid Al Ma'awlyah

The study aimed to identify the degree of students' social and emotional learning competencies in the schools of the second episode of basic education in Oman after the Corona pandemic, and the researchers used the descriptive curriculum. The questionnaire of the OECD study was used for social and emotional ...

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The Impact of Teaching Physics using Web Quests and the Electronic Round House in Developing the Visual Thinking of the Tenth- Grade Students in Karak Governorate

Rania Ahmad Al-Amer , Hassan Ali Bani Domi

This study aims to explore the influence of teaching physics using Web Quest and electronic Roundhouse on developing visual thinking for tenth-grade females. The study sample consisted of (68) female students divided into three groups, the first group consisted of (22) students who were taught using ...

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