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International Journal of Educational and Psychological Studies (EPS) is an international, is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published Bimonthly by Refaad. The journal aims to publish refereed research on educational and psychological issues in its various branches and specializations. Its aim is to activate the scientific research movement in these issues on the Arab and international levels according to distinguished international professional standards. This is fulfilled with the participation of elites of distinguished international members and arbitrators in building a knowledgeable society through the dissemination of purposeful and high-quality educational research.

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Science Teachers' Perceptions on the Nature of Science: Towards a Better Understanding of Science and its Reality

Aziz bin Salem Al-Omari

The aim of the current research is to identify the level of perceptions of science teachers at the secondary stage in the city of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, on the nature of science in the light of some variables. The Nature of Science Questionnaire-C (VNOS-C) developed by (Lederman et al., 2002) was applied ...

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The Effectiveness of the Impact of Early Intervention to Reduce the Disorder Behavior of Pupils with Simple Intellectual Disabilities at the Alti Center in Al-Kamlin locality, Sudan

Bakhita Mohammad Zain Ali Mohammad

The objectives of this research are to investigate the effectiveness of the impact of early intervention to reduce the disorder behavior of pupils with simple intellectual disabilities. To achieve these objectives, the researcher used the quasi-experimental method. The population of the study consisted ...

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The Effectiveness of a Training Program Based on GeoGebra Program in Developing Mathematical Generalizations Teaching Skills among Female Student - Teachers at the Islamic University of Gaza

Adham Hassan Al-Baloji , Rahma Mohammad Odeh , Huda Osama Farag

The research aims to design a training program based on GoeGebra program and to explore its effectiveness in developing the teaching skills of mathematical generalizations among the Islamic University in Gaza female students who practice teaching. The research adopted the constructive approach in order ...

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The Role of Social Media Platforms in Developing the Values of Digital Citizenship among Students at Jordanian Private Universities

Alaa Salah Abu Hussein , Othman Nasser Mansour

The study aimed to reveal the role of social networking sites in developing the values of digital citizenship among students at private Jordanian universities. The descriptive survey method was used, and a questionnaire was developed for this purpose after ensuring its validity and reliability. The sample ...

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A Proposed of the Job Description Card for Educational Supervisors (Technical Supervisors) in Public Education Areas in Kuwait

Sultan Ghaleb Aldaihani , Ahood Yaser Aljadi , Hanan Fahad Almutairi

In order to achieve the educational reform process and invest in human cadres as a base for improving educational quality in planning, implementation and evaluation, the present study aimed to identify the reasons that require the development and preparation of a job description card for the occupants ...

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The Level of Readiness of the Sultanate of Oman Schools to Employ New Technologies in Teaching Social Studies from the Teachers' Point of View

Salima Eied Ismail AL-Nasri , Khalifa Ali Moosa AL-Mufararji

This study aimed to identify the level of readiness of the Sultanate of Oman schools to employ new technologies in teaching social studies from the teachers' point of view. To achieve the study's goal, the descriptive approach was used in which the researcher prepared the study tool. It is a questionnaire ...

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The Concepts of Cognitive Economy Included and Proposed to be Included in the Textbooks of Social Studies for the Basic Stage in Jordan

Basim Mohammad Al-Shamaileh , Majed Mahmoud Alsou’b

This study aimed at identifying the degree to which the concepts of cognitive economy are included in the textbooks of social studies for the basic stage in Jordan and identifying the extent of variance in including these concepts in the textbooks according to the academic classroom. In order to achieve ...

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The Degree to which Islamic Education Books for the Basic Stage Observe the Principles of Communicative and Constructivist Theory and a Proposal to Develop them in Light of those Principles

Omar Hussain Al-Omari , Bayan Azmi Al-Suqur

The study aimed to identify the principles of constructive and communicative theories included in Islamic education books for the basic stage in Jordan. The study sample consisted of all Islamic education books for grades from the first to the tenth grade. Content analysis card consisted of (19) principles ...

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The Role of Community Partnership in Financing Public Schools in Oman: A Case Study of Al-Warith Bin Kaab School

Sand Saed Al Jabri , Omer Hashim Ismail , Mohammed Abdul Hamied Lashin

This study aimed to identify the role of community partnership and its contribution to the financing of public schools in the Sultanate of Oman through examining the experience of one of the schools in the state of Suwaiq in implementing community partnership and find the most important areas and activities ...

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The Extent of Achieving Social and Economic Security for Palestinian Families whose Heads are Lost (Arrested, Wounded, or Martyr) from the Wives' Point of View

Amer Saber Shehadeh

This study aimed to reveal the extent to which the social and economic security of Palestinian families have been achieved whether this loss was partial (wound or captivity) or total (martyrdom) from the wife’s point of view. It included (140) missing women in the governorates of Hebron and Bethlehem. ...

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The Amount of Availability of Scientific Thinking Skills that are Derived from the Holy Quran in Islamic Education Books for Post-Basic Education in the Sultanate of Oman

Hassan Mohammad Al-Omari , Ameera Bint Mohammad Al-Alawiya

The current study aimed to reveal the percentages of the included scientific thinking skills derived from the Holy Quran in the activities of Islamic education books for the eleventh and twelfth grades in the Sultanate of Oman. To achieve this, the researcher prepared a list of (8) skills of scientific ...

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Resilience and its Relationship with some Variables with Displaced Students at Ibb University

Ahmed Ali Mohamed Al-Tohamy

This study aimed to identify the level of resilience and its relationship with some variables with students of Ibb University, and whether or not there were statistically significant differences in students' resilience attributed to the variables of gender and major. The sample of the study was composed ...

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Activating Community Participation as an Entry Point for Developing Administrative Practices for Bilingual Private Schools in the Sultanate of Oman

Aisha bint Mahmoud al-Nabhaniya , Mohammed Abdul Hamied Lashin , Yasser Fathi Al-Mahdi

The current study aims at identifying the administrative practices associated with the community participation of bilingual private schools in the Sultanate of Oman. It also seeks to reveal the differences in the reality of administrative practices’ availability related to community participation ...

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