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International Journal of Educational and Psychological Studies (EPS) is an international, is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published Bimonthly by Refaad. The journal aims to publish refereed research on educational and psychological issues in its various branches and specializations. Its aim is to activate the scientific research movement in these issues on the Arab and international levels according to distinguished international professional standards. This is fulfilled with the participation of elites of distinguished international members and arbitrators in building a knowledgeable society through the dissemination of purposeful and high-quality educational research.

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Compulsive Hoarding and its Relationship to Emotional Regulation among Umm Al-Qura University Students

Khadija Jameel Halawani , Alya Taher Abed

The current study aimed to determine the relationship between compulsive hoarding and emotional regulation among a sample of Umm Al-Qura University students and the gender differences according to the age group. The study was applied to a sample of (200) male and female students from Umm Al-Qura University, ...

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Psychological Pressures of the Doctors Working in the Palestinian Hospitals in the West Bank during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Joltan Hassan Hijazi , Tamara Issa Musleh , Sahar Murshid Khayyat

The current study aimed to reveal the level of psychological stresses among the doctors working in Palestinian’s public and private hospitals in the West Bank in the light of  the corona virus pandemic and to reveal the nature of differences in the level of psychological stresses according ...

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Standardizing of the Perfectionism Scale for Adolescents in the Saudi Environment during the Corona Pandemic (Covid-19)

Nessrin Ismail Alsaid Ibrahim

The aim of this research is to identify the levels of perfectionism (normal and neurotic) among young people in the Saudi environment during the Corona pandemic (Covid-19), in addition to identifying the differences in the level of perfectionism according to the gender variable. To achieve the aim of ...

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The Relationship between Student-Teachers' Conceptual and Procedural Knowledge and their Level in the Major Capabilities Test of Mathematics Teachers

Mohammed Hamad Al-Khuzaim

This study aimed to explore the relationship between student-teachers' conceptual and procedural knowledge and their results in the major capabilities test of mathematics teachers. A correlative descriptive approach was used in that a sample of (35) student-teachers who graduated in the academic years ...

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The Level of Improving the School Environment in Basic Education Schools in Aldakhiliyah Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman from the Teachers’ Point of View

Zakiya Yahya Nasser Al-Rawahi , Rabee Al-Murr Al-Thuhli

The study aimed to identify the level of improvement of school environment in basic education schools in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman. The study used the descriptive research approach. A questionnaire was developed consisting of two parts. The first part was the general data of ...

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The Degree of School Administration’s Practice of its Role in Developing the Values of Citizenship among Students in Batinah South Governorate at Sultanate of Oman from the Perspective of Teachers

Hilal Shamis AlZuhli , Aieman Ahmad Al-Omari , Omer Hashim Ismail

This study aimed to identify the degree of school administration’s practice of its role in developing the values of citizenship among students in Batinah South Governorate from the perspective of teachers in the Sultanate of Oman. And whether there are statistically significant differences according ...

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The Effectiveness of the Administrative Skills of Educational Leadership in the Success of the Educational Process in Primary Schools in Mecca Region

Awad bin Musa Al-Ghamdi

This study aimed at identifying the school principal’s level of applying the administrative skills of educational leadership in his administrative actions and decisions, determining the administrative skills of the educational leadership of the school principal in the primary stage, knowing the ...

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The Requirements for Employing Educational platforms in Public Education Schools in the Sultanate of Oman from the Point of View of School Principals and their Assistants, Teachers, and Computer Technicians

Husna Bint Mohammad bin Yazeed Al-Abri

This study sought to determine the requirements for employing educational platforms in public education schools in the Sultanate of Oman from point of view of the school principals and their assistants, teachers, and computer technicians. In order to achieve its objectives and answer its questions, the ...

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The Role of Family Education Teachers in Promoting Digital Citizenship Concepts Among Intermediate Schoolgirls in Riyadh

Maha Ali Abdullah Al-Namlah , Galya Hamad Sulaiman Al-Sulim

This research aims to examine the role of family education teachers in promoting digital citizenship concepts among intermediate schoolgirls in Riyadh. To achieve the research objective, the researcher adopted the descriptive approach and designed a questionnaire of 39 items distributed over 4 topics ...

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The Level of Effectiveness of Educational Leadership for the Administration of Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie / Ramallah Branch from the Point of View of its Employees

Sonia A. I. Shehadeh

The study aimed to investigate the level of effectiveness of educational leadership for the administration of Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie / Ramallah Branch from the point of view of its employees. The researcher used the descriptive analytical method. The study population consisted of all ...

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Evaluation Patterns and Assessment Tools of E-Learning for High School Students in Palestine: Solutions and Suggestions

Hadeel Mohammad Ashour

Evaluation for E-learning was and is still a problem for many educators and lecturers in universities and even schools in Palestine especially nowadays after COVID-19. Based on this fact, the current study aimed at diagnosing the validity of the E- learning assessment tools applied by the ministry of ...

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The Reality of Facing the Problems of Integrating People with Special Needs in Public Education Schools in Najran Region from the Point of View of Teachers, Supervisors and School Leaders

Fadia Rizk Abdalgilel AbdalNabi

The study aimed to identify the reality of facing the problems of integrating people with special needs in public education schools integrated with women with special needs in the Najran region from the point of view of teachers, supervisors and school leaders, and their relationship to some variables. ...

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