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International Journal of Educational and Psychological Studies (EPS) is an international, is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published Bimonthly by Refaad. The journal aims to publish refereed research on educational and psychological issues in its various branches and specializations. Its aim is to activate the scientific research movement in these issues on the Arab and international levels according to distinguished international professional standards. This is fulfilled with the participation of elites of distinguished international members and arbitrators in building a knowledgeable society through the dissemination of purposeful and high-quality educational research.

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The Role of the Faculty of Educational Sciences at Tafila Technical University in Promoting Educational Values from the Point of View of Students

Abdullah Ali Al-Jazi

Objectives: The study aimed to explore the role of educational science programs in promoting educational values from the students' perspective. Methods: The descriptive method was used to achieve the study objectives, and a questionnaire was employed as the study tool. The questionnaire consisted of ...

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The Effect of Gender, Specialization and Experience on the Level of Technological Competencies of Social Studies Teachers in the Schools of Al Batinah South Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman

Saud bin Salem bin Abdullah Al Rawahi

Objectives: This study aimed to investigate the level of technological competencies among social studies teachers in South Al Batinah Governorate schools in the Sultanate of Oman and to identify whether there were statistically significant differences in the level of knowledge and performance technological ...

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A Program Based on the Professional Learning Communities’ Approach and its Efficiency in the Development of Creative Teaching Skills and Self-Efficacy among Islamic Education Teachers in Tabuk

Atallah bin Salman Al Masoudi , Muhammad bin Shadid Al-Bishri

Objectives: The current study aimed to build a program based on the professional learning communities' approach and its efficiency in the development of creative teaching skills and self-efficacy among Islamic education teachers in at the intermediate stage. Methods: The study has adopted the analytical ...

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The Degree of Representing the Ethics of the Teaching Profession among Teachers from the Point of View of School Principals in the Qasaba Amman District

Jumana Sultan AbuHassan , Othman Nasser Mansour

Objectives: This study examined how teachers in Amman reflect the ethical standards of their profession from the perspective of school principals. Methods: A descriptive approach was used in this study. A questionnaire consisting of (50) items was developed after examining its validity and reliability ...

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The Effect of Using Marzano's Learning Model in Achievement and Students' Orientation towards Learning among 7th Grade Female Students in Jordan

Dina Odeh Alsagher , Abdelsalam M. Adili

Objectives: The study aimed to identify the effect of using Marzano's model in achievement and developing an orientation towards learning in science among seventh-grade female students in Jordan. To achieve the purposes of the study. Methods: The study used the experimental approach. The subjects of ...

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The Extent to which Government School Principals Practise Educational Planning Skills and its Relationship with the Quality of Teachers’ Job Performance in Ad Dakhiliyah Governorate in Sultanate of Oman

Teeba bint Saif Al-Rawahia , Rabee Al-Murr Al-Dhuhli , Hamad bin Hilal Al Yahmadi

Objectives: The current study aimed to identify the extent to which government school principals practised educational planning skills and its relationship with the quality of teachers' job performance in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate in Sultanate of Oman. Methods: To achieve the objectives of the study, ...

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Islamic Educational Administrative Rooting for Knowledge Management

Tahani Abdullah Alhumud

Objectives: The study aimed to identify the methodology of rooting knowledge management based on Islamic sources as well as to define the concept of knowledge and its types in Islam. Methods: The descriptive-analytical (documentary) method was used to suit the nature of the study. Results: The study's ...

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Guidelines for Developing Diversity Management Strategies and Policies at Omani Universities in the Light of Some International Experiences

Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah Kufan , Omer Hashim Ismail , Yasser F. Hendawy Al-Mahdy , Khalid Muslim Almashikhi , Ahmed Juma Al Riyami

Objectives: This research aimed at adopting diverse strategies and definite policies for elevating tackling human diversity at Omani universities. This could be achieved through organizational controls and measurements represents indicators for assessing and evaluating the best practices of Diversity ...

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Legitimate Controls of Women's Voluntary Work

Huda Thuwab Aidhah Ashalawi

Objectives: This research aimed to clarify the legitimate controls of women's voluntary work related to volunteering, to highlight the legitimate controls of women's voluntary work related to volunteer work, and to clarify the legitimate controls of women's voluntary work related to women. Methods: ...

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The Relationship between the Level of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Social Anxiety in Light of the Prevalence of the Covid-19 Pandemic among Students of the University of Nizwa

Muna. H. AL- Zidi , Samer J. Rudwan

Objectives: The study aimed to explore the relationship between the level of OCD and social anxiety in the face of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic among University of Nizwa students as well as to examine whether there are differences in some variables, such as gender and age. Methods: The data ...

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Teachers' Perspectives on the Role of Physical Activities in Social Skills for Intellectual and Autistic Students

Aisha Adnan Mohammad Sajeni , Kouthr Abedrabbo Mohammad Qawasmeh

Objectives: This study seeks to understand the function of physical activities in the development of social skills among individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder from the perspective of their instructors according to the variables of age, gender, and type of disability. Methods: ...

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Requirements for Using the STEM Approach in Teaching Science in Jordanian Public Schools

Fayzeh Yousef Al- Qoblan

Objectives: The study aimed to identify the requirements for implementing the STEM approach in science education in Jordanian schools, as well as to identify the obstacles that may hinder its implementation. Methods: To achieve the study's objectives, the descriptive-analytical method was employed, ...

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The Quality of Public Schools' Performance in the Directorates of the Northern West Bank Governorates in Palestine in the Light of the Sustainable Leadership Style

Mai Abdullah Ahmad , Afnan N. Darwazeh

Objectives: To identify areas, standards and indicators for developing the quality of public schools’ performance in the directorates of the northern governorates of the West Bank in Palestine in light of the sustainable leadership style. Methods: The study followed the qualitative approach, and ...

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Results of the STEM- Oman Approach on the Interest of 10th Grade Students Towards STEM's Careers and Subjects

Maryam Khamis Hamad Al-Mahrouqi

Objectives: The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of STEM- Oman integrated with science class on the interest of 10th grade students towards STEM's careers and subjects. Methods: Quasi- experimental research was conducted in the second semester of the academic year of 2018-2019. Sixty-four ...

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