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International Journal for Arabic Linguistics and Literature Studies (JALLS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published Quarterly by Refaad. The Journal focuses on being a field for the dissemination of original and innovative research on the topics of the Arabic language and its various sciences in order to contribute to the deepening of specialized knowledge in the affairs of the Arabic language. Also, it is specialized in the related areas of critical thinking examining the multiple linguistic levels and literature and critical phenomena in the Arab heritage. Moreover, it is concerned with the latest studies of these Phenomena in the modern era, according to the mechanisms of serious scientific research.

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Graying and Youth in the Poetry of the Poet Dhafer Al-Haddad (..._ 529) A Stylistic Study

Inayat Abdullah Al Shiha

This paper reveals the experience of the poet Dhafer Al-Haddad in the limits of the graying and youth correlation indicating its inherent beauty and cognition, which the poet reflects in his poetry. The study seeks to achieve this by following the stylistic phenomena in his poetry. Stylistics is concerned ...

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The Semiotic of the Space in the Translated Novel “The Alchemist”

Futaim Ahmed Danawer

This study deals with the "narrative space" as a signifier that is analyzed by linking form and content, to find out whether the place has a neutral topographical presence in the novel, or an active global presence like other elements of the formal novel. To achieve this desired end, the study proceeded ...

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Adjectives in Arabic

Yasir Hameed Alotaibi

The main aim of this paper is to describe the main adjectival constructions in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). It contributes a new analysis of an adjectival construction in MSA that was analysed in traditional grammar as a special postnominal adjectival construction, called the unreal adjectival ...

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