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International Journal for Arabic Linguistics and Literature Studies (JALLS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published Quarterly by Refaad. The Journal focuses on being a field for the dissemination of original and innovative research on the topics of the Arabic language and its various sciences in order to contribute to the deepening of specialized knowledge in the affairs of the Arabic language. Also, it is specialized in the related areas of critical thinking examining the multiple linguistic levels and literature and critical phenomena in the Arab heritage. Moreover, it is concerned with the latest studies of these Phenomena in the modern era, according to the mechanisms of serious scientific research.

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Controbutions of Nigerian Schorlars in Arabic Philology: “Al-Nahr al-Tafih lil-Labib al-Rabih” by Sheikh Abdulqadir Al-Taliki as Model

Dahiru Yahya

This paper aims to study the personalty of al-Talki being among Nigerian scholars who contributed to Arabic philology through his book titled ‘al-nahar al-tafih lil-labib al-rabih’. Despite all the conrobutions it rendered to knowledge; the researchers didn’t give it good consideration. ...

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Arabic Is Not Mankind’s First Language: An Analytical Study

Osama Khaled Mohammed Hammad

Scholars from different times and places have debated over man’s first language. While some assumed it was Arabic, others said it was Hebrew, Persian, etc. Some scholars concluded that looking into this topic was meaningless and invited others not to examine it. This paper aims to address this ...

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