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International Journal for Arabic Linguistics and Literature Studies (JALLS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published Quarterly by Refaad. The Journal focuses on being a field for the dissemination of original and innovative research on the topics of the Arabic language and its various sciences in order to contribute to the deepening of specialized knowledge in the affairs of the Arabic language. Also, it is specialized in the related areas of critical thinking examining the multiple linguistic levels and literature and critical phenomena in the Arab heritage. Moreover, it is concerned with the latest studies of these Phenomena in the modern era, according to the mechanisms of serious scientific research.

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The Manifestations of Linguistic Thinking in Movements and their Impact on Sentence Structure and Syntax: A Case Study of "Hama al-Hawamis fi Sharh Jami al-Jawamis" by Al-Suyuti

Ahmed Suleiman Bsharat

Objectives: This study aims to identify the role of nominatives in dividing the sentence into predicates and their functional role knowing the foundations upon which Arabic relied in arranging the Arabic sentence and the role of the syntactic movement and its connotations, identifying the origin of the ...

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Cultural Sources in Poetry Burhan Al-Din Al-Aboushi- The Collection of Soldiers of the Sky is an Example

Nabil Ali Hasanain

Objectives: The purpose of this study is to show the main cultural sources that formed Burhan Al-Din Al-Aboushi's poetry in his collection of poems (the Soldiers of the Sky), and then knowing the impact of these cultural sources on his ideas, trends and opinions. Finally, showing the effect of all of ...

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The Expressions of Purpose in the Letters of Mai Ziada

Tharwat Ahmad Wahdan , Ahmad Hassan Hamed

Objectives: This study aims to a short explanation of the intentionality in Mai Ziada's letters that previous studies dealing with her letters have given a glimpse about them by talking about the criteria of the text without specifying a study for these letters as the researchers has done. Consequently, ...

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The Producing Discourse Self and the Issues of Disagreement between Poetry and Prose- The Letter of Abu Ishaq al-Sabi as a Model (D. 384 AH)

Ahmed Tayi

Objectives: This study aims to understand the issues of disagreement between the poetry industry and the prose industry by means of fulfilling the condition of knowledge of the critical reading text by two productive selves. The first is related to the poetic self or the prose self-based on what Abu ...

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