International Journal for Arabic Linguistics and Literature Studies

Volume 1 - Issue 2 (4) | PP: 144 - 157 Language : العربية

Contrastive Analysis "Objectives and Levels"

Farida Mouloudj
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31/1/2019 19/2/2019 24/3/2019 19/6/2019
Aware of contrastive language(contrastive analysis) is the interview between two or more different languages, dialects or between or among the accent and tone, in order to find points of convergence and points of contrast between them, As a comparison between the Arabic language and English, and the corresponding place on four levels: phonology and the level of morphological and grammatical level and semantic level, where analysis aims contrastive to predict the difficulties in studying and try to find explanations solutions to these difficulties and the problems and overcome the obstacles to develop the modalities and means to facilitate the learning process and support the efforts of teachers, and the latter in turn helps, inter alia, contribute to the preparation of course materials, development and other areas, So the question that comes to mind our is what avail the use of contrastive analysis? What are its objectives and what is its importance?.

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