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Volume 3 - Issue 3 (4) | PP: 184 - 200 Language : العربية

Ibn Jinni's linguistic Preciosity In "The book of Alkhasayis It's reasons & demonstrations (392H)

Amane Abdulaziz Aldawood
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7/7/2021 21/7/2021 7/8/2021 7/9/2021
Ibn Jinni’s scientific status and linguistic preciosity were uttered by the testimonies of the earlier and later generations, and the investigators referred to it, his scientific status is unanimous, and there is no dispute or controversy over it, Hence, the nature of this study is different from other studies that dealt with Ibn Jinni aiming to shed light on one of the issues that were taken on him, and one aspect of the linguistic criticism that was directed at him is the slight preciosity with which he was marked by some scholars, ancient and modern. The study tended to monitor that preciosity by examining its demonstrations as it emerged in Ibn Jinni, and trying to reveal the reasons that led Ibn Jinni to it, or led to his presence in his linguistic presentation and scientific thought, the reliance in determining these demonstrations and reasons were based on contemplation and explanation on the texts of Ibn Jinni and the approaches of his analysis examples, his presentation of theories, his judgment on them, and prolonged consideration of his thought approaches, and the foundations of his theorizing, in order to reach beyond that thought of the reason or justification, and It is being followed in which Ibn Jinni appeared affected or excessive in opinion, and studied it an objective study, which does not disregard his efforts and at the same time reveals an aspect of his personality that may be reflected in his linguistic presentation and justify a position taken towards him in some cases. The study highlighted derivational affectation as one of the most present aspects of affectation. Ibn Jinni's obsession with derivation was a reason for his commitment and appeal to it, and other aspects were observed, the most important of which are: Attempting to link the order of the pronunciation letters with its meaning and expressed event, based on the principle of the expressive value of the letter, and the link between the meanings of the origins of synonyms, even if their meanings diverged, and rooting of some extraneous words. As for the most common reasons, it is attributed to the fact that Ibn Jinni was always trying to reduce the area of variation in the language, with what was distinguished by his analytical and explanatory mentality and his unique and creative personality. He fully analyzes the issue that it can bear, and explains its subtleties and causes, and tends to innovate and create with confidence and pride, accompanied by strong admiration for the Arabic language, and a desire to express their wisdom.

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