International Journal for Arabic Linguistics and Literature Studies

International Journal for Arabic Linguistics and Literature Studies seeks to enable researchers and thinkers to place their research and the fruits of their minds in the hands of scholars and specialists. This is applied with the aim of deepening knowledge, providing them with the opportunity to dialogue on research platforms in all-new linguistic, critical, or literary issues. It serves as a platform that helps them stand on their scientific outputs in theoretical and applied linguistics, literature, criticism, and rhetoric. In addition, it seeks to publish original research that adheres to the conditions of scientific research in terms of originality of thought, clarity of thought, rhetoric, methodology, the accuracy of the documentation, the high quality, and the seriousness of the presentation.

Research fields:

· Theoretical and applied linguistics studies

· Ancient Arabic literature and modern Arabic literature

· Terminology and Arabization problems

· Comparative Literature and Translation Studies

· Issues of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers

· Scientific reviews of studies and theories

· computing the Arabic language

· Literary theory

Bibliographic Information Email: DOI: 10.31559/JALLS ISSN 2663-5860 (Online) ISSN 2663-5852 (Print) Freq. : Quarterly Language : Arabic, English Articles : 92

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