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General Letters in Mathematics (GLM) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal dedicated to publishing original research papers across all areas of mathematics. Published quarterly by Refaad, GLM aims to provide a prestigious platform for disseminating significant mathematical findings. While the journal is committed to highlighting contributions from mathematicians in the Middle East and Arab countries, it also welcomes high-quality submissions from researchers worldwide.

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Right Central CNZ Property Skewed by Ring Endomorphisms

Saman Shafiq Othman , Chenar Abdul Kareem Ahmed

The concept of the reversible ring property concerning nilpotent elements was introduced by A.M. Abdul-Jabbar and C. A. Ahmed, who introduced the concept of commutativity of nilpotent elements at zero, termed as a CNZ ring, as an extension of reversible rings. In this paper, we extend the CNZ property ...

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Dividing a Farm: A Simple Application of Game Theory in Geometry

Reza Habibi

Two farmers decide to divide a triangle farm between them. The problem is modeled as a simple application of game theory in geometry. The game is defined and is solved, theoretically, in independent case. Simulation results are proposed using the copula function, in the dependent cases. Finally, concluding ...

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