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General Letters in Mathematics (GLM) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal which provides an original research papers in all aspects of Mathematics, and is published Quarterly by Refaad. In particular, (GLM) Journal intends to offer mathematicians from middle east and all arab countries a particular opportunity to circulate the results of their researches though it is open to contribution from mathematicians across the world.



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A Novel View of Regular and Normal Spaces via Nano Sβ-Open Sets in Nano Topological Spaces

Nehmat K. Ahmed , Osama T. Pirbal

In this present study, we shed light on some separation axioms via nano Sβ-open sets including nano S*β-regular and nano S*β-normal spaces (axioms) in nano topological spaces where nano Sβ-open set is defined and related to nano semi-open and nano β-closed sets. Here, we implement ...

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Detection of Outlier in Time Series with Application to Dohuk Dam Using the SCA Statistical System

Shelan Saied Ismaeel , Kurdistan M.Taher Omar , Sameera Abdulsalam Othman

Outliers are data points or observations that stand out significantly from the rest of the group in terms of size or frequency. They are also referred to as "abnormal data". Before fitting a forecasting model, outliers are often eliminated from the data set, or if not removed, the forecasting model ...

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Existence Solutions For Sequential ψ-Caputo Fractional Differential Equations

Hamid Boulares , Khaireddine Fernane

In this manuscript, we presented the technique of having solutions to sequential ψ-Caputo fractional differential equations (ψ-CFDE) with fractional boundary conditions (ψ-FBCs). Well-known fixed point techniques are used to analyze the existence of the problem. In particular, the principle ...

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