General Letters in Mathematics

Volume 12 - Issue 3 (2) | PP: 116 - 125 Language : English

Weakly r-Supercontinuous Functions

Zahra A. Tanha ,
Zanyar A. Ameen
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
5/6/2022 6/7/2022 26/7/2022 24/9/2022
In this paper, we use r-open sets to introduce the concept of weakly r-supercontinuous functions. Then, basic properties and a number of connections between these functions and other types of generalized continuous functions are examined. A weakly r-supercontinuous function is weaker than -continuous but stronger than weakly continuous. Furthermore, we present some characterizations of weakly r-supercontinuous functions. The last section starts with a comparison between weakly r- supercontinuous functions and some other types of functions when the underlying spaces possess particular topological properties. We end this work by analyzing the composition of weakly r-supercontinuous functions.

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Tanha , Z. A. & Ameen , Z. A. (2022). Weakly r-Supercontinuous Functions. General Letters in Mathematics, 12 (3), 116-125, 10.31559/glm2022.12.3.2

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