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Global Journal of Economics and Business (GJEB) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published Bimonthly by Refaad. It is concerned with economic, administrative, accounting and statistical studies and Islamic finance. The journal aims to encourage and revitalize the scientific research movement, as it provides researchers with an important opportunity to evaluate their research through the terms of scientific arbitration to which the published research is subject and to present their research for scientific communication in its production and employment of the results in scientific research movement service.

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The Role of Supply Chain Management in Enhancing the Quality of Services Provided (A field study on Tawafa Organizations)

Abdulelah Eidhah R Alkhadidi

The study aimed to know the role of supply chain management in enhancing the quality of services provided in the Tawafa Organizations in Makkah Al-Mukarramah. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher used the descriptive analytical method. The study population represented the workers in ...

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Adapting Sultan Qaboos University's Strategic Plan to the Requirements of Fourth Industrial Revolution

Mashael Awadh Al-Saiari

The current study aims to reveal the extent to which the strategic plan of Sultan Qaboos University is adapting to the requirements of the fourth industrial revolution. It also aimed to end up with some suggestions for developing the strategic plan of Sultan Qaboos University in light of the requirements ...

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The Impact of Intellectual Capital on Organizational Reputation: The Moderating Role of Information Technology at Hotels in Jordan

Hala Abdel Raheem Al Shahahdeh , Shaker Jarallah Al-Khashali

The study aimed to identify the impact of intellectual capital with its dimensions (human capital, structural capital and relational capital) on organizational reputation with its dimensions (trademark, social responsibility, attracting talented, emotional appeal and self-connection) and the moderating ...

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The Relationship between Strategic Agility and the Ability to Manage Crises in Saudi Universities “An Applied Study on King Khalid University”

Najla Ghazy Hamed Al-Yaha , Salim Bourchid Abdelkader

The study aimed at identifying the relationship between the strategic agility and the ability to manage the crisis for the officials of the King Khaled University. The analytical descriptive methodology was adopted. In addition, a questionnaire formed of (52) items distributed on (207) of the officials ...

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The Reasons of Imigration of Human Resources in Palestine from University Students Perspective

Sonia A. I. Shehadeh

The study aimed to identify the reasons behind the migration of human resources in Palestine from the point of view of university students. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, the descriptive method was used. The study population consisted of all the students of Palestine Technical University ...

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Measuring the Level Perceived and Expected Quality of Services at the Two Holy Mosques in Light of the Corona Pandemic Using the (SERVQUAL) Model

Badriah Dakhel M. Alharbi

The study aimed to identify the perceived and expected quality of services provided in the Two Holy Mosques in the case of the Covid-19 crisis from the point of view of the beneficiaries of pilgrims, umrah and visitors. The study followed the descriptive analysis approach by using the questionnaire that ...

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The Arab Mediterranean Countries and the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

Ziad Akrout

The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership represents one of the foreign projects presented to the Arab countries in the south of the Mediterranean. The European Union is the engineer and main driver of it at the behest of the French Republic, which still considers this region an extension of it by virtue of ...

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The Effect of Using Decision Support Systems Applications and Business Intelligence Systems in Making Strategic Decisions: A Field Study in the City of Gaziantep

Ali Alhousain Al Eid , Uğur Yavuz

This study aims at studying the importance of business intelligence systems and decision support systems for Syrian civil society organizations in addition to studying the impact of the dimensions of decision support systems and business intelligence in making strategic decisions. The data was collected ...

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