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Global Journal of Economics and Business (GJEB) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published Bimonthly by Refaad. It is concerned with economic, administrative, accounting and statistical studies and Islamic finance. The journal aims to encourage and revitalize the scientific research movement, as it provides researchers with an important opportunity to evaluate their research through the terms of scientific arbitration to which the published research is subject and to present their research for scientific communication in its production and employment of the results in scientific research movement service.

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The Effect of Financial Efficiency in Reducing Financial Fragility An Analytical Study in A Sample of Jordanian Industrial Companies Listed on the Amman Stock Exchange for the Period (2010-2020)

Haider Hamoudi Ali , Ridha Ahmed Abbas

The study aims to reveal the impact of financial efficiency represented by a number of indicators, namely: (the ratio of operating banks and the turnover rate of assets) and financial independence represented by a number of indicators, namely: (the ratio of debt to assets and the ratio of permanent financing) ...

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The Mediating Role of the of Employees Efficiency in the Relationship Between Internal Social Responsibility and the Perceived Mental Image of Employees

Alfatih Ez Aldeen Awad Alkreem Ahmed , Ahmed Edris Abdu Edris

This study aimed to identify the role of the employees' efficiency  in the relationship between internal social responsibility and the perceived mental image of employees in service companies operating in Sudan. The study used the descriptive approach, as it relied on the  non probabilistic ...

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The Impact of the Use of Social Networking Sites on Scientific Research in Sudanese Universities (University of Bahri as a Model)

Ahmed Hashim Mohammed Tahir , Aleem Al-haj Adam Abdel Raheem

The paper aimed to identify how to employ social media from programs and activities for the benefit of scientific research. The faculty members at University of Bahri were taken as a sample for the study. The study used the descriptive analytical method, depending on the questionnaire as a tool for the ...

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The Relationship Between External Audit Quality and the Improving of Financial Performance of the Listed Companies on the Khartoum Stock Exchange- Field Study

Adam Mohamed Ahmed Omer

The aim of this study is to identify the retationship between external audit quality and the improving of financial performance of the listed companies on the Khartoum Stock Exchange. The study used both the analytical descriptive approach and the field study approach. A questionnaire was used for data ...

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The Role of Agricultural Marketing in Improving Food Security in Jordan

Ehsan Ali Al-Salaimeh

The aim of the study was to identify the role of agricultural marketing in improving food security in Jordan. The researcher used the qualitative curriculum. The tool was to prepare a comparative interview, verified its honesty and consistency by the correct scientific methods and distributed to an intentional ...

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Evaluation of the Environmental and Economic Returns of the Development Project in the Development of Urban Areas Case Study of the Industrial Area (Sudan - Khartoum) in the Period 2016-2019

Mohamed Elgali Mohamed Suliman , Mohamed Suliman Abusalih , Atif Maohmed Mabrouk , Mubarak Mohamed Abboudi

One of the essential bases of life is to achieve an ecological and economic balance between accelerated development rates and the negative impact on natural resources. The research problem focuses on the neglect of ecological and economic dimension of the project and this leads to negative impacts on ...

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The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Non-Profit Companies in Jordan: A Socio-Legal Study

Emad Mohammad Al Amaren , Sultan Ibrahim Aletein , Muhanned Farhan Al Taani , Mohammad Abel Khaliq Alzoubi , Ahmad Ibrahim Alsharu

Since 2020, the novel Corona pandemic had negatively affected the people's economic situation in Jordan. The Jordanian government procedures to contains the spread of the virus from movement restriction, border closures, and lookdown have forced companies to shut down their businesses completely or partly ...

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Methodological Analysis of Period Fertility in Saudi Arabia for 2018

Ayman Mahgoub

The exact measurement and evaluation of indicators of period fertility in a multiracial society could help explain disparities. The aim of this paper is to develop a methodological and analytical attempt to systematically analyse period fertility and discuss differentials in its levels and patterns between ...

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