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Global Journal of Economics and Business (GJEB) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published Bimonthly by Refaad. It is concerned with economic, administrative, accounting and statistical studies and Islamic finance. The journal aims to encourage and revitalize the scientific research movement, as it provides researchers with an important opportunity to evaluate their research through the terms of scientific arbitration to which the published research is subject and to present their research for scientific communication in its production and employment of the results in scientific research movement service.

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The Role of Emotional Intelligence and Demographic Variables in Improving the Job Performance of Entrepreneurs

Naeem Ali Albihany , Saeed Ahmed Al-Zahrani

Objectives: The study aims to identify the impact of emotional intelligence in improving the functional performance of entrepreneurs in Makkah region. It also aims to identify the relationship between the level of emotional intelligence and functionality depending on the demographic variables (years ...

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The Quality of Banking Services and its Relationship to Customer Satisfaction at the Arab Islamic Bank in Palestine

Ahmad Herzallah , Hamza Nadi , Salwa Barghouthi , Yasmeen Abd Alwahab

Objectives: The aim of this study was to determine the quality of banking services and its   relationship with customer satisfaction at the Arab Islamic Bank. Methods: To achieve the study objectives, a descriptive-analytical approach was used. A questionnaire was designed, consisting of two ...

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The Impact of Date Producers’ Use of Modern Production Methods on Production Costs by Application on Palm Farms in the Qassim Region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Fayga Hussein Ballal Awad , Rehab Abdelrahman Osman Abdalla , Elzain Omer Elzain Al-Amin

Objectives: This manuscript investigates the effect of applying modern production methods by date producers to reduce production costs, it tested several hypotheses. There is a statistically significant relationship between date producers' application of the bubble irrigation method and production costs. ...

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The Role of Organizational Improvisation in Crisis Management Methods: The Moderating Role of Strategic Vigilance

Ramzi Mubarak ALtarawneh

Objectives: This study aimed to identifying the role of organizational Improvisation in crisis management methods the moderating role of strategic vigilance. Methods: In order to achieve the study objective, the descriptive analytical method was used, and applied it to a simple random sample consisting ...

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Insight into the Influence of Economic Policy Uncertainty on the Indian Nifty 50 Index

Shireen Rosario , CA Reginald H.J. Rosario

Objective: Existing literature attests to the longstanding global concern regarding Economic Policy Uncertainty (EPU), recognizing its impact on economic growth, employment, and investments. Despite its acknowledged influence, studies on EPU in India have been comparatively limited. This paper addresses ...

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