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Global Journal of Economics and Business (GJEB) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published Bimonthly by Refaad. It is concerned with economic, administrative, accounting and statistical studies and Islamic finance. The journal aims to encourage and revitalize the scientific research movement, as it provides researchers with an important opportunity to evaluate their research through the terms of scientific arbitration to which the published research is subject and to present their research for scientific communication in its production and employment of the results in scientific research movement service.

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Cloud Accounting in Saudi Companies in the Twenty-first Century

Mustafa Mohammed Jumah Abu Amara , Ahmed bin Abdul-Karim Al-Harkan

The research dealt with the theoretical framework of cloud accounting in terms of its definition, advantages and disadvantages, and the applied part dealt with the analysis of 124 electronic questionnaire distributed to a sample of Saudi companies in various sectors using the SPSS statistical analysis ...

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The Impact of Management Information Systems on Managerial Decisions Quality at Al-Damar and Atabra Localities' Commercial Bank

Mohamed Albashir Albadawi Ali , Osman Abdalla Mohamed Elhadi

The study aimed at identifying the impact of management information systems on managerial decisions quality at commercial banks branches in Atbara and Al-Damar localities. Because of so many institutions and organizations, whether it is commercial or service, do not have the capabilities to support them ...

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The Impact of Knowledge Sharing on the Competitive Advantage in the Hospitals of the Salah al-Din Health Department from the Point of View of the Administrative Leaders

Anas Khaleel Mahdi , Elfadil Timan Idriss , Malikelneem Mohameed Ali

This study aimed to identify the impact of knowledge sharing on distinguishing competitive business organizations in Salah al-Din Health Department - Iraq according to the freshness of the administrative leaders in it. In order to reach and achieve the objectives of the study, the analytical descriptive ...

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Evaluating the Efficiency and Profitability of Islamic and Conventional Banks: Case Study of the GCC Region

Tariq Hassan Alshehri

This study aims to discuss the concept of both Islamic and commercial banks, in order to illustrate the similarities and differences between Islamic and commercial banking systems. Additionally, this research evaluates the profitability of the Islamic and commercial banks in the GCC region and examines ...

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Economic Analysis of the Effect of Social Capital on Food Security Status of Micro-Credit Households in Ekiti State Nigeria

Olaniyi O. Ojo , Taiwo T Amos , Olubunmi L Balogun , Isaac B Oluwatayo

This study examined the effects of social capital on food security status of microcredit households in Ekiti-state, Nigeria. Multi-stage sampling procedure was used in selecting the sample for the study. The data for the study were collected by using a well-structured questionnaire from three hundred ...

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Using the Discriminant Analysis to Classify the Income of Households in Sinnar State, Sudan (2021)

Abdalrahim Ahmed Gissmalla , Adel Ali Ahmed

The purpose of this study was to distinguish between sufficient and insufficient income and to identify the most discriminating factors that influence income. The data was obtained from households in Sinnar through a structured questionnaire addressed to the heads of families, a sample of (800) households ...

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Analysing Economic Growth on Paid Work Growth in Mozambique

Harris Maduku , Mulatu Fekadu Zerihun

The central objective of this paper was to understand the contribution of economic growth on job creation (paid work) in Mozambique. This comes at a background when the country experienced a decade of significant economic growth and economic development, but poverty and unemployment remain a problem. ...

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