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Global Journal of Economics and Business (GJEB) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published Bimonthly by Refaad. It is concerned with economic, administrative, accounting and statistical studies and Islamic finance. The journal aims to encourage and revitalize the scientific research movement, as it provides researchers with an important opportunity to evaluate their research through the terms of scientific arbitration to which the published research is subject and to present their research for scientific communication in its production and employment of the results in scientific research movement service.

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Administrative Reinforcement and its Impact on Creative Behavior: The Mediating Role of the Organizational Climate During the Period of the Corona Pandemic among Faculty Members at Zarqa University – Jordan

Hazem Khaled Shehadeh

This study aims to identify the impact of Administrative Reinforcement on Creative Behavior in the presence of the mediating variable (organizational climate) during the Corona Pandemic period. The study population included faculty members at Zarqa University. (200) questionnaires were distributed to ...

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The Impact of Entrepreneurship on the Success of Small and Medium Enterprises in Jeddah (Leadership Case Study)

Rizqallah Abdullah Al-Yazidi , Hassan Abbas Hassan

The study aimed to shed light the impact of entrepreneurship on the success of small and medium enterprises in Jeddah, to identify the extent to which entrepreneurs are aware of the dimensions of leadership (competitiveness, search for new opportunities, ability to innovate, desire for success, and self-confidence) ...

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Measuring the Impact of the Increase in Indirect Taxes on the Industrial Sector that Increases the Prices of Economic Activities in the Jordanian Economy Using the Input-Output Model

Amin Osama Shammout , Nael Fahed Al Husami , Mohammad Hasan Salah , Amin Mohamad Alasoufi

This study aimes  to measure the impact of indirect taxes on the industrial sector that results in increasing prices of many economic activities, whether industrial or non-industrial in  Jordanian economy by using Input-Output Model. The results show that by increasing Tax on production of ...

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The Reality of Crisis Management in the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque in Light of the Corona Covid 19 Pandemic (An Evaluation Study of the Reality of the Services Provided)

Nouf Bint Mohammad Qahel

The study aimed to identify the reality of crisis management in the General Presidency for the affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, its management in light of the Corona pandemic (Covid-19) and its challenges. To achieve this goal, the descriptive analytical approach is used, and ...

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The Criteria Followed by Manufacturing Companies in Selecting Insurance Companies (An Applied Case on Industrial Companies in the Bethlehem Governorate)

Lina Ibrahim Sajdieh , Nidal Aref Darwish

The current study aimed to identify the criteria industrial companies follow when selecting insurance companies to purchase insurance services. The study employed the descriptive approach to achieve the study's objectives and answer its questions. Statistical analyses were used to analyze the data through ...

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The Impact of Staffing Strategy on Competitive Advantage: in Jordanian Pharmaceutical Industry Companies

Sabah Adel Alrawashdeh , Khaled Khalf Allafi

This study aimed to identify the impact of the staffing strategy on competitive advantage in Jordanian pharmaceutical companies. The study population was represented by the managers of senior management in companies working in the Jordanian pharmaceutical industry counted (21) companies. A proportional ...

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Measuring the Satisfaction of Officials in the Central Hajj Committee with the Level of Services Provided by the Executive Authorities

Halima Mohammed Nour Al-Mustafa

This study aimed to identify the extent of the satisfaction of officials in the Central Hajj Committee with the level of services provided by the authorities concerned with Hajj and Umrah, and to reveal the most important mechanisms used by the Central Hajj Committee to measure the satisfaction of pilgrims ...

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The Impact of the Application of the Total Quality Management System on Performance (An Empirical Study on the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah)

Asma Khalid Al Osaimi , Hani Hussni Abdelhameed

The purpose of the study is to show the reality of the applying the quality management system through the following: Administrative Participation, Accountability and Transparency, Delegation of Authority, Decentralization, and Optimization), and its impact on performance in the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. ...

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Tools to Deliver an Outstanding Digital Customer Experience for B2C Organizations in the Age of Uncertainty

Abeer Elsayed Fayed

The current study dealt with the topic of tools to provide a distinct digital customer experience for B2C organizations in the age of uncertainty. The study aimed to identify the tools through which to provide a distinct digital customer experience. An electronic questionnaire was distributed to the ...

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Hidden Costs and the Performance of Saudi Corporations

Abuamarah Mustafa , Alharkan Ahmad

This research deals with the hidden costs in Saudi Corporations in terms of their presence and their impact on the performance. The first part of the research is a review of the literature related to hidden costs in general and the second part is an analysis of 100 questioners which were received ...

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The Effect of The Asset Management Efficiency on Financial Performance "Evidence From Jordanian Industrial Firms"

Husni K. Al-Shattarat

The effectiveness of asset management practices among industries listed on the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) is examined in this study with regard to their effects on financial performance measured by return on assets throughout the 2015–2020 timeframe. Companies in the industrial sector make up the ...

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