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Contemporary Studies in Social Sciences (CSSS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal,published Biannually by Refaad. The journal aims to publish refereed research in social issues in its various branches and specializations, activate the movement of scientific research in these issues at the Arab and international levels, in accordance with distinguished international professional standards, with the participation of elites of distinguished international members and reviewers, participate in building a knowledge society through the dissemination of purposeful and qualitative research that helps to develop and advance society, and actively participate with universities and local, regional, and global scientific research centers to enrich the research movement in the social field.

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Psychological well-being among Yarmouk University Students and its Relationship to Gender and Academic Level

Mohammed Yousof Ababneh , Rafe Aqeel Zghoul

This study aimed at detecting the level of Psychological Well-being among Yarmouk University students, and whether this level varies according to students’ gender or academic level. The sample consisted of (651) Students (486 females, 165 males) of students’ gender or academic level (Bacloreus, ...

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The Relationship between Ghosting and Machiavellian Personality among Yarmouk University Students

Fawwaz Ayoub Momani , Jihan Salim Alshraah

This study aims to investigate the relationship between ghosting and Machiavellian personality in a sample of (746) students, at Yarmouk university who were chosen according to the convenient sample. To achieve the goals of the study, the ghosting scale was used along with the Machiavellian personality ...

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Marginal Identities and Bodies in North African Trance Dance: A Celebration of Madness

Abdellaoui Said

The aim of this paper is to explore the relationship between marginal identities, bodies, and the performance of madness in the North African trance dance. It casts light on festive rituals where the illnesses of the soul are manifested through corporeal expressions that variably combine the religious, ...

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Tunisia’s Regional Inequalities of Development: The Human Development Index and Human Poverty Index by Governorate in Tunisia

Adel Bousnina

In this article, our aim was at first, to analyze the regional disparities and territorial inequalities of human development in Tunisia. The first part of the article was devoted to the Factorial components analysis. Moreover, the second part was centered on the progress of synthetic indicators of human ...

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Effects of Gender on Emphasis Production in Jordanian Arabic: A Socio-Phonetic Study

Ibrahim Eshlash Odeh Almomany

This article investigates the effects of gender on two emphatic sounds, namely [sˤ] and [tˤ], in Ajlouni-Jordanian Arabic, a sub-dialect of Rural Jordanian Arabic. The study was mainly motivated by the relatively small literature on the bearing(s) of gender on emphasis production in Jordanian Arabic ...

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Unaffordable Education and Criminality as a Choice among Youth in Ondo State, Nigeria

Gabriel Olusola OWAGBEMI

Education shapes human, and it has the capacity to determine who gets what and what one becomes in life. Acquiring education in Nigeria is gradually becoming unaffordable; schools at all levels are becoming very expensive making it difficult for common men to send their children to schools. Youth in ...

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Exploring the Complexities of Social Engagement Among Young Adults

Roofia Galeshi , Margaret Patterson

This study aims to enhance understanding of young adults’ social outcome. The existence of large multinational Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) data provides the opportunity to explore the relationship between young adults' propensity to volunteer and various ...

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Sociological Theories and Political Discourse, Dealing with Social Issues after the Corona Pandemic (COVID-19): an Analytical Study of the Dimensions of Treatment and the Proposed Perception

Ibrahim Ismail Abdo Mohammad

This study aimed to identify the dimensions of employing sociological theories in interpreting the political discourse related to social issues after the Corona pandemic (COVID-19) and to come up with a proposed theoretical vision in this context. The study relied on the descriptive analytical method ...

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