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Contemporary Studies in Social Sciences (CSSS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal,published Biannually by Refaad. The journal aims to publish refereed research in social issues in its various branches and specializations, activate the movement of scientific research in these issues at the Arab and international levels, in accordance with distinguished international professional standards, with the participation of elites of distinguished international members and reviewers, participate in building a knowledge society through the dissemination of purposeful and qualitative research that helps to develop and advance society, and actively participate with universities and local, regional, and global scientific research centers to enrich the research movement in the social field.

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Analysis of the Speech of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Joe Biden in Justifying the War on the Gaza Strip, “Al-Aqsa Flood”: An Analytical Study

Mahmood Amori , Ibrahim Ukka

Objectives: The study aimed to identify how political discourse was employed in analyzing the speech of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Joe Biden (the American Prime Minister) in justifying the war on the Gaza Strip, Al-Aqsa flood. Methods: The researcher used a descriptive study to analyze ...

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The Body Image and its Relationship to Compulsive Buying Symptoms among Females

Sujoud Mahmoud Ali , Rami Abdallah Tashtoush

Objectives: The study aimed to identify the body image and its relationship with symptoms of compulsive buying among females in Irbid Governorate, Jordan. Methods: The descriptive analytical approach was used, and an available sample of (1500) women was selected, and two measures of compulsive buying ...

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Existential Vacuum and its Relationship to Cognitive Distortions among Infertile Women

Islam Hamdan Al-Khashan , Fawwaz Ayoub Momani

Objectives: The purpose of the study is to investigate the level of existential vacuum and its relationship to cognitive distortions among infertile women according to (age, years of mirage, (IVF trial) variables. Methods: To achieve this aim the existential vacuum scale (Obied, 2017) and cognitive ...

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Progression of Employment and Livelihoods Policies and Regulations for the Protracted Displacement of Refugees in Host Countries: Syrian Refugees in Jordan as a Case Study

Ammar M. Kakish , Bader S. Al-Madi , Christine Hildebrandt

Objectives: Three major research questions have been raised in this study to explain issues related to the employment and livelihood for Syrian refugees in Jordan and their experience to the existing employment and livelihood policies and regulations. Methods: To do so, the quantitative survey has been ...

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Dynamics of Ageing in Akoko Area of Ondo State Nigeria: Challenges of Public Welfare for the Aged

OLATUNDE, Oluwafemi Imisioluwa

Objectives: The purpose of this study is to investigates the dynamics of ageing in Akoko Land of Ondo State Nigeria and challenges of public welfare for the aged. The Study was anchored on disengagement theory to explain the inevitable process of disengagement as a rewarding and universal that must be ...

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Tourism 4.0 -The Digital Innovations in Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Jitendra Singh , Rajeev Mathur , Masood Aslam , Naveen

Objectives: The one of four equal parts of the industrial stage has affected all domains, savings, and activities. Technology, the key planner for Industry 4.0, likewise has a vast effect on the tourism industry. The objective concerning this division search is to consider by what method the idea of ...

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Terrorism, Insecurity and Youth Criminality in Nigeria: A Critical View from A Criminological Lens

Egbo, Ken Amaechi , Akan, Kevin Akpanke

Objectives: Terrorism is a global social problem that is presently receiving overwhelming attention and concern from all corners. The government, researchers, policymakers, Non-Governmental affected by the effect of this cankerworm. If left to thrive, it might drag the world into oblivion. This study ...

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