Contemporary Studies in Social Sciences

Refaad's Publication Charges Details

Our website is integrated with PayPal with options to pay using PayPal account OR using your Credit/Debit Card as shown below, In addition, you can also use Bank Transfer method.

  • Each Journal has its own charges amount as shown in the payment area
  • When a dicsount is appilicable, multiple values are shown in the dropdown box with the amount for each type of discount
  • You can select the discounted ammount if the discount conditions apply to you (for example if you are a member of an organization that has membership with Refaad)
  • You can pay using PayPal Account by selecting the first payment method box
  • You can pay using your Cerdit/Debit Card Account by selecting the last payment method box
  • The sequence number that appears next to the value is to select the number of articles you are paying for. For example, you need to keep it value 1 if you are paying for one article and set it to value 2 if you are paying for two articles, etc.
  • For paying through Bank Transfer, kindly contact the editorial office via the following Email :
Bibliographic Information Email: DOI: 10.31559/CSSS ISSN 2959-7609 (Online) ISSN 2959-7595 (Print) Freq. : Biannually Language : Arabic, English Articles : 22

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