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International Journal of Specialized Islamic Studies (SIS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published Quarterly by Refaad. The journal aims to spread scientific knowledge in the field of Islamic studies in its various branches: Creed, Interpretation, Hadith, Fiqh, and Usul al-Fiqh. As well as addressing contemporary problems and future challenges from the point of view of Islamic law. It also aims to activate the movement of scientific research in various legal issues by providing the opportunity for researchers and scholars to publish their scientific and research output that meets the conditions for scientific research in the field of Islamic studies.

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Issues that Abu Shuja, the Approved Shafi School of Thought, Disagreed

Ayman Mohammed Haroush

This research project comprises an Islamic jurisprudence found in the book (ALGAYAH WAT TAQRIB) by Qady Abi Shuja “one of fiqh books according to shafi ‘I’s mazhab”. He (Abi Shuja) mentions a views in contrary with well approved views of mazhab. As a researcher, I pointed out ...

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Security Measures in Al Masjid Work

Fatima Juma’h Al-Wahsh

This study attempts to answer the following questions: What is the modern legal policy followed in mosques work? In terms of the security and healthy measures taken in order to advance the role of the mosque and return it to its previous era? What are the procedures followed to develop the mosque’s ...

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The Criterion in the Quran Interpretation by AL-Tabatabai “Applied Critical Study”

Arwa Abdullah Abdulaziz AL-Oraini

This research focuses on the criterion for the interpretation of Quran by AL-Tabatabai “an applied critical study”, and its problem is Knowing the faces of these deviations. The study aims to highlight and respond to them, and it relies on the inductive method in collecting the scientific ...

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The Approach of Imam Al-Mawardi in Dealing with Quranic Text Through his Book: (Al-Hawi Al-Kabir)

Nesreen Khalid AL-Otaibi

This research aimed at detecting the Mawardi method in dealing with Quranic texts. The research is divided into an introduction and two parts: The first is about the areas of summoning Quranic texts in the legal search. The second is about recruitment tools of Quranic texts in inference. The research ...

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Bibliographic Information Email: DOI: 10.31559/SIS ISSN 2617-6246 (Online) ISSN 2617-6238 (Print) Freq. : Quarterly Language : Arabic, English Articles : 80

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