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International Journal of Specialized Islamic Studies (SIS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published Quarterly by Refaad. The journal aims to spread scientific knowledge in the field of Islamic studies in its various branches: Creed, Interpretation, Hadith, Fiqh, and Usul al-Fiqh. As well as addressing contemporary problems and future challenges from the point of view of Islamic law. It also aims to activate the movement of scientific research in various legal issues by providing the opportunity for researchers and scholars to publish their scientific and research output that meets the conditions for scientific research in the field of Islamic studies.

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Financial Control of Higher Education Institutions between Legal Controls and International Standards

Darwish M. Aljakhlab , Rafeeq Asaad Radwan

Objectives: The research aims to define the concept of financial control, its legitimacy and legal controls for financial control over institutions of higher education. Methods: The researcher followed the descriptive-analytical methodology in terms of collecting scientific material that explains the ...

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The Extent to which the Hadith of the Dates of Khaybar Indicates the Permissibility of Selling and Repurchasing with the Same Person

Ayman Mustafa Hussein Dabbagh

Objectives: The study aims to study the extent of the indication in the phrase (sell the mixed dates for dirhams, then buy with the dirhams pure dates) contained in the Hadith of Khaybar dates on the permissibility of conducting the two transactions with the same person. It is a topic of great importance ...

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The Political Rights of non-Muslims in Political Islamic Fiqh: a Comparison with the Palestinian Political System

Sameer Mohammad Awawde , Ismail Mohammad Shindi

Objectives: The present study aims to examine the political rights of non-Muslims in countries of Muslim majorities, pointing out these rights along with their roots in Sharia and then comparing them with what is found in the Palestinian political system. The study, as such, is comprised of an introduction, ...

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Bibliographic Information Email: DOI: 10.31559/SIS ISSN 2617-6246 (Online) ISSN 2617-6238 (Print) Freq. : Quarterly Language : Arabic, English Articles : 106

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