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International Journal of Specialized Islamic Studies (SIS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published Quarterly by Refaad. The journal aims to spread scientific knowledge in the field of Islamic studies in its various branches: Creed, Interpretation, Hadith, Fiqh, and Usul al-Fiqh. As well as addressing contemporary problems and future challenges from the point of view of Islamic law. It also aims to activate the movement of scientific research in various legal issues by providing the opportunity for researchers and scholars to publish their scientific and research output that meets the conditions for scientific research in the field of Islamic studies.

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Provisions for Earning and Profiting from Social Media

Firas Zakaria Shqerat , Muhammad Salim “Muhammad Ali”

Because of the spread of social media applications, such as Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and others, people have accepted them, and have taken them as a means of material gain, so that they have become one of their sources of livelihood that they accept, and since these applications for social communication ...

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Fiqh Criticism According to the Malikis: Its Fields and Kinds

Mustapha Elhassani Elalaoui

In this research, I dealt with the issue of Fiqh criticism according to the Malikis, its fields and its divisions, and I combined through it three essential issues. The first is Fiqh, juristic, criticism as a compact contemporary term, and I showed that the early jurists practiced criticism in their ...

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Money Employment Contracts in Contemporary Islamic Banks in the Light of the Shafi'i School: Financial Netting Contracts

Mohammad Ali Al-Gharaibeh

This study aimed to identify a number of contracts for the employment of funds in contemporary Islamic banks represented by financial compensation contracts in the light of the Shafi’i school of thought. It also dealt with the permissibility of contracts for the employment of funds. The study reached ...

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The Trans- Ummah, the Extended State, and the Question of Universality (A study in the Meanings of the Quranic Texts)

Mohammed Amezzian

The central idea around which this paper rotates is that there is- in the Islamic perspective of political sociology- a mutual relationship between the Ummah and the state. The assumption here is that the essential characteristics of the state stem from the characteristics of the Ummah. As a demographic, ...

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Bibliographic Information Email: DOI: 10.31559/SIS ISSN 2617-6246 (Online) ISSN 2617-6238 (Print) Freq. : Quarterly Language : Arabic, English Articles : 94

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