International Journal of Specialized Islamic Studies

Volume 7 - Issue 1 (1) | PP: 1 - 24 Language : العربية

Issues that Abu Shuja, the Approved Shafi School of Thought, Disagreed

Ayman Mohammed Haroush
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
16/10/2021 3/2/2022 7/2/2022 28/4/2022
This research project comprises an Islamic jurisprudence found in the book (ALGAYAH WAT TAQRIB) by Qady Abi Shuja “one of fiqh books according to shafi ‘I’s mazhab”. He (Abi Shuja) mentions a views in contrary with well approved views of mazhab. As a researcher, I pointed out to the biography of Abi Shuja and his book thoroughly. Then I explained the meaning and implications of well certified and approved views in mazhab so as the weak and rejected views. Also, I expressed whole controversial topics where he (Abi Shuja) differs from approved points of mazhab, pointing its weakness and referencing to those who express it as weak from Shafi's jurists. Finally, I stated authentic views with reference to a well-known and approved source of shifi’s mazhab.

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