Rafaad for Studies and Research has launched specialized translation and proofreading services for researchers

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Source: Refaad
Date: 17/6/2023

Rafaad for Studies and Research has announced the launch of its specialized services in professional translation and proofreading for researchers and academics in various academic fields employed with a team of professional translators and proofreading experts who have deep experience and knowledge in their fields, which ensures the provision of accurate translation and perfect proofreading of academic texts.

The launch of the researchers' services from Refaad is an important step in response to the academic community's growing need for high-quality translation and proofreading services in all academic disciplines, including medical sciences, engineering, social sciences, humanities, and others.

To obtain more information about researchers' services, please visit the official website at the following link: https://www.refaad.com/Home/Services

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