Employee attitude and customer satisfaction in selected hotels in Kampala, Uganda

Volume 1, Issue 2, Article 8 - 2020

Authors: Ahmed Jowalie Wampande;Olutayo K. Osunsan

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This study adopted a cross sectional survey design to investigate the effect of employee attitude on customer satisfaction in selected hotels in Kampala, Uganda. Using simple random sampling, 179 hotel employees were considered in the study. The findings revealed that employee attitude was generally poor ((mean = 1.09), while customer satisfaction was at moderate (mean = 1.89) levels. The study also revealed a significant positive relationship between employee attitude and customer satisfaction among the selected hotel employees (R2=0.558, P<0.05). The conclusion drawn was that employee attitude was a suitable predictor of customer satisfaction in the selected hotels. The recommendation was given that then owners and hotel management have to focus on facilitating employee development, engagement and empowerment to enable them develop a more positive attitude towards their job.

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Wampande, Ahmed & Osunsan, Olutayo. (2020). “Employee attitude and customer satisfaction in selected hotels in Kampala, Uganda”. International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Studies, 1(2): 144-150