A New Statistical Trend in Medical Research – Nested Design

Volume 10, Issue 1, Article 2 - 2021

Authors: Ogoke Uchenna Petronilla

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This research is unlike many others in that the concept of the nested design is applied in the medical science as against the trend in the agricultural and social sciences. In this research, we consider a three-stage (2 × 5 × 2) nested design with the factors being Hospital Centre, Days of the week and Ailments such that the days of the week are nested within the centres and the ailments are nested within the days. The replications represent the weight of twelve (12) patients selected randomly for each day in each centre which brings the total number of replications to 240. This work being largely an illustration uses simulated data. Analyses of variance (ANOVA) for the sum of squares across all factors and within replicates were investigated for significance. Results obtained reveal that the days and ailments are significant factors in the experiment at 5% significant level.

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