Trends in Free Cash Flow Company of The Issuer Stock Exchange

Volume 7, Issue 1, Article 6 - 2019

Authors: Frans Bararuallo;Fransiskus X Lara Aba

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This study aims to examine the tendency of prioritizing management companies listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) allocate free cash flow. Respondents there were 23 companies listed on IDX who has a wealth of at least the IDR 1.2 trillions. Questionnaires were sent based on four economic situation, namely: the situation is stable or normal, getting better, getting worse, and the uncertain economic situation. The fourth economic situation is faced with five options for allocating free cash flow, namely: payment of cash dividends, buy back stock, make acquisitions, purchase of financial assets, and distribute it to other areas of investment, such as option's Mutual Funds. Incidentally Indonesia's economic situation was observed 2015 - 2016 is the worsening situation in which the rupiah exchange rate against the USD around IDR 14,500. Similar to the economic situation in 1997/ 1998. The results show that the worsening economic situation the management of companies listed on IDX prefers: the purchase of shares and investments in other business fields, followed by The purchase of financial assets and acquisitions, and payment of cash dividends in the final choice

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Frans Bararuallo;Fransiskus X Lara Aba (2019) Trends in Free Cash Flow Company of The Issuer Stock Exchange
Global Journal of Economics and Business Vol 7 (1) 85-92