A comprehensive review of contemporary issues of electronic human resource management (E-HRM)

Volume 11, Issue 2, Article 9 - 2021

Authors: Mohammad Ziaul Hoq

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Information technology (IT) became a vital part of our modern-day activities. In contemporary years, the usage of IT in expediting the human resource management (HRM) activities augmented considerably. E-HRM has the ability to develop managerial competency and influence the role of human resources (HR) as a strategic business partner. E-HRM is essential for firms because of its encouraging effect on staff productivity. Speedy technical modifications revolved E-HRM into a substantial theoretical and professional agenda. This study delivers an exploration into the contemporary level of improvements of the theoretical knowledge connected to E-HRM. Numerous features of E-HRM, specifically descriptions of E-HRM, the academic perceptions around E-HRM, the role of E-HRM, the numerous categories of E-HRM, the requirements for effective E-HRM etc. are scrutinized. It will contribute into HRM literature and regulate the effectiveness of E-HRM and its practices. This research would support the scholars and the practitioners to have the comprehensive portrait of the modern matters linked to E-HRM. The articles concluded by delivering some suggestions for future studies.

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