Building the readings scale to teach reading and writing to the student of the first grade

Volume 1, Issue 1, Article 3 - 2020

Authors: Dawoud. D. Helles;Mahmoud. M. Alrantesi

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The study aimed at designing the readiness scale of learning to read and write for first grade students when they entered school, and to reveal the impact of the scale in the development of their abilities and the degree of readiness to learn to read and write. The sample of the study consisted of (64) male and female pupils from the first-grade students in Dar Al Arqam Islamic Model School in Gaza. The questions and its vocabulary were constructed in the light of readiness skills for learning to read and write. The scale consisted of (30) questions divided into (5) skills: (visual discrimination, auditory recall, auditory discrimination, auditory recall, auditory interpretation). It was applied to the research sample, the researchers found that there were statistically significant differences at the mean level (α = 0.05) in the average readiness to learn literacy between males and females in favor of females. The researchers recommended the need to hold training courses for teachers of kindergarten to deal with the skills necessary for reading and writing readiness.

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Helles, Dawoud. D. & Alrantesi, Mahmoud. M. (2020). Building the readings scale to teach reading and writing to the student of the first grade, International Journal of Childhood, Counselling and Special Education, 1(1): 39-57