Construction scale of stigma anxiety among a sample of Adolescents for prostitute mothers

Volume 1, Issue 1, Article 2 - 2020

Authors: Hossam A. M. Abo Saif

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This study aims to build (design) stigma scale for some adolescents whose mothers are a prostitute. In order to achieve this goal, the researcher constructed a scale of stigma Anxiety. The scale was applied to a sample of 28 adolescents, (19 males and 9 females), after confirming that they belong to prostitutes’ mothers. Items of measurement consist of (36) items after reaching to adjust psychometric properties of the scale of validity and reliability to be capable of use. The results showed the possibility of using the detect stigma anxiety scale among adolescents of prostitute mothers. The results also showed there are no statistically significant differences in the stigma of anxiety among adolescents of prostitute mothers due to gender (males and females). However, there were statistically significant differences between the rural residents and urban residents in the sample of adolescents of prostitute mothers in favour of rural residents. The researcher recommended using the scale in future researches.

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Abo Saif, Hossam A. M. (2020). Construction scale of stigma anxiety among a sample of Adolescents for prostitute mothers, International Journal of Childhood, Counselling and Special Education, 1(1): 11-38