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The Educational Skills that are Needed for Teachers of Arabic in Primary Schools According to Their Point of Views

Ra’ed Ramthan Hussein Al-Tamimi

The study aims to know the educational skills, which are required to the teachers of Arabic at elementary schools concerning to their opinions. The sample of this paper based on 270 teachers in the rate of 94% of the original community. They are divided into 150 male and 120 female teachers who teach ...

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The Level of Perceived Organizational Support and its Relationship To Organizational Citizenship in Secondary Schools in Hafr Al-Batin Governorate from the Point of View of Teachers

Hejji Bin Suliman Alanazi , Saleh Ali Al-Qarni

The aim of the study was to identify the level of perceived organizational support in secondary schools in Hafr Al-Batin Governorate from the point of view of male and female teachers. It also aimed at identifying the level of organizational citizenship in secondary schools in Hafr Al-Batin governorate ...

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The Effectiveness of a Training Program in Improving Teachers of Basis Stage Attitudes’ Toward Educational Counseling

Fayez Azez Mahamid , Fakher Nabeel Khalili

The aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of a training program in improving teachers' attitudes toward educational counseling among teachers at public schools in north of west bank, the sample of this study consisted of (96) male and female teachers, they were distributed into two group; ...

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Employment of Social Networks in the Development of Life Skills among High School Students from the Perspective of Students and Teachers

Faraj bin Saad bin Abdullah al-Shihri

This study aim to find out the impact of the employment of the social networks on the development of life skills among high school students from the perspective of students and teachers. To achieve this, the study sought to answer the following main question: What is the appropriate recruitment of the ...

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The Degree of School Leaders in al-Baha Governate Practicing Management by Values from the Point View of Teachers

Fawzia Jamaan Al -Ghamdi

The study aimed to identify The Degree of School Leaders in al-baha governate practicing Management by Values from the point view of teachers. The study population of the study was consisted (4164) women teachers. The sample of the study was consisted of (477) teacher were chosen randomly, also descriptive ...

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Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers in Integrating Digital Technology: Comparative Study

Ghadah Alqahtani

This study investigates the ways that Saudi and English secondary mathematics teachers professionally develop themselves in terms of using digital technology. It also compares between the two groups regarding the same aspect. For this aim, a survey was conducted among 44 Saudi and English teachers. The ...

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The Degree of Educational Supervisors’ Commitment to Professional Ethics In the State of Izaki Sultanate of Oman from Private School First Teachers’View Point

Mohammed Suleiman Al-Jaridih , Ahamed Abdullah Al manwari7 , Said Khalfan Al mayahi

This study aims at finding out the degree of The degree of educational supervisors’ commitment to professional ethics In the State of izaki Sultanate of Oman from private school first teachers’view point , To achieve the objectives of the study, a questionnaire composed of ( 42) items was ...

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Building a Training Program (Proposed) to Develop the Educational Competencies of Pre-School Teachers During the Service in the State of Al- Gazira – Sudan

Khalid Mahgoub Abd Alla Mahmoud

The objective of the research aimed to construct a training program (proposed) for the development of the educational competencies of pre-school teachers during the service in the state of Gazira. The search population was 6,376. The researcher used the inductive method in monitoring the training needs ...

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The Degree of Using Creative Thinking by the High Basic Teachers from the Perspective of Public Schools Students in the District of Tulkarem

Zeiad Barakat

This study aimed to investigate the degree of using creative thinking by the high basic teachers frm the perspective of public schools students in the district of Tulkarem, to achieve the purposes of the study was designed questionnaire to measure the effectiveness of the teacher to use the methods in ...

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The Beliefs of Mathematics Teachers in Riyadh about Formative Assessment

Aishah M. Albalawi

This study focuses on exploring the beliefs of mathematical teachers about formative assessment and the most prominent assessment practices that teachers use during education. The sample of this study consisted of (40) mathematics teacher in the northern region schools of Riyadh city. The researcher ...

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