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The Contents of Education Technology Included in the Basic Stage Books in Jordan and the Extent to which Teachers Use them in Teaching in the District of Al-Mazar Al-Janoubi in Jordan

Fatimah Khaled Al-Nawaisah , Omar Hussain Al-Omari

This study aimed at identifying the contents of education technology included in the basic stage books in Jordan and the extent to which teachers use them in teaching in the district of Al-Mazar Al-Janoubi in Jordan. The study used the survey analytical descriptive approach. The study sample consisted ...

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The Effect of an Electronic Educational Program Based on the Sachman Investigative Model in Developing the Tenth Grade Students’ Attitudes Towards the Subject of Earth and Environmental Sciences in Karak Governorate

Eyad Saleh Ahmed Bani Domi

The study aimed to investigate the effect of an electronic educational program based on the Sachman investigative model in developing the tenth-grade students' attitudes towards the subject of earth and environmental sciences in Karak governorate. The study sample consisted of (69) students from the ...

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Educational Decision-Making Skills for Secondary School Principals in Al-Kharj Governorate and A Proposed Scenario for Developing them in Light of Simon’s Theory

Reem Saqr Ali Al-Hilal

The study aimed at standing on the educational decision-making skills of secondary school principals in Al-Kharj Governorate and presenting a proposed vision for developing them in the light of Simon's theory. As well as revealing the differences between the opinions of the study sample members according ...

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Effect of the Blended Learning Method on Developing the Writing Skill of the Students of the First Three Grades in the Karak Education Directorate

Yazan Saleem Al-Owaisat , Mohammed lbrahim Al- Ghaziwat

This study aimed to know the effect of the blended learning method on developing the writing skill of the students of the first three grades in the Karak Education Directorate. The students' writing skills and their level were tested. The study sample consisted of (29) male and female students who took ...

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The Effect of an Educational Unit in the Science Subject Developed According to the (STEAM) Approach in Developing Mental Motivation among a Sample of Seventh Grade Students

Magdy Said Aqel , Diana Nasser Azzam

The study aimed to investigate the effect of an educational unit developed in the science subject according to the (STEAM) approach in developing mental motivation among a sample of seventh-grade students in Gaza Governorate. An intentional sample of (70) female students from the seventh grade at Al-Sayeda ...

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Economic Factors and their Implications on Financing Higher Education in Sultanate of Oman as Perceived by Faculty Members

Omer Hashim Ismail , Mohammed Abdul Hamied Lashin , Asma Saud AL-Barwani , Rayya Abdullah AL-Harthy , Maryam Ali ALbeloushi , Shamsa Sulaiman Alhammadi

This study aims to identify the economic factors and their implications on the financing of higher education in the Sultanate of Oman. It intends to develop a proposed vision to deal with the economic changes and its challenges. A descriptive approach was adopted and a questionnaire was utilized, data ...

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Self-Learning Skills During Distance Education Among Secondary School Students in Taif City in the Light of Some Variables

Amal Mohammed Hamad Al-Turaiki

The current study aimed to identify the level of self-learning skills during distance education and its dimensions among secondary school students in Taif city, and to know the difference in self-learning skills during distance education among secondary school students in Taif according to each of the ...

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The Problems of Vocational Education Schools in the Northern Governorates of Palestine and Ways to Overcome them

Sahar Fadl Khalifa , Saeda Jasir Afouneh , Noha Ismail Ateer

The study aimed to identify the problems of vocational education schools in the northern governorates of Palestine and ways to overcome them, and to achieve the objectives of the study, the researchers used the qualitative approach, and used focus groups and interviews as tools for the study. With equipment ...

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The Degree of Using Psychological Defence Mechanisms and its Relationship to Academic Achievement in Distance Education During the Corona Pandemic

Esraa Atyah Alharthi

The study aimed to identify the degree of use of psychological defence mechanisms and their relationship to academic achievement in distance education during the Corona pandemic. As well as determining if there are differences in the academic level of the university student according to the different ...

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A Proposed of the Job Description Card for Educational Supervisors (Technical Supervisors) in Public Education Areas in Kuwait

Sultan Ghaleb Aldaihani , Ahood Yaser Aljadi , Hanan Fahad Almutairi

In order to achieve the educational reform process and invest in human cadres as a base for improving educational quality in planning, implementation and evaluation, the present study aimed to identify the reasons that require the development and preparation of a job description card for the occupants ...

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