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The degree of availability and importance of requirements for applying knowledge management in educational supervision from the viewpoint of supervisors in the sultanate of Oman

Nesreen Saleh Salah El-Din , Badria Ali Mohammed Al-Farsi

The research aimed to determine the degree of availability of knowledge management requirements and its importance in educational supervision from the point of view of supervisors in the Sultanate of Oman in light of some variables. The research used the descriptive method, and the research sample consisted ...

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Challenges of Partnership between the Public and Private Sectors in the School Education Sector and Mechanisms to Overcome them in the Sultanate of Oman

Hajir Talib Al-Mardoof Al-Saadi , Badria Hammoud Al-Mahrouqi , Dawood Abdulmalek Al-Hadabi

The study aimed to identify challenges that prevent the application of partnership between the public and private sectors in the school education sector and the mechanisms to overcome them in the Sultanate of Oman. As well as the educational directorates in six governorates across the Sultanate, which ...

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Training Needs for E-teaching Skills of Female Art Education Teachers in the Primary and Intermediate Stages in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Nada Mohammed Al-Meziraee

The study aimed at identifying the training needs for e-teaching skills of female art education teachers in the primary and intermediate stages by identifying the viewpoint of the teachers in those two stages in the city of Buraidah of 50 female teachers who were chosen randomly. The study used the descriptive ...

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The Implications of Educational Policies and Decisions on the Educational Learning Process during COVID-19 Pandemic

Zayd Hasan AL-Qiq

The study aimed to identify the implications of educational policies and decisions on the educational learning process during COVID-19 pandemic. To achieve this goal, questions were designed to be asked to a focus group consisting of (4) teachers working in education during COVID-19 pandemic. The questions ...

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Foreseeing the Future of Education in Tabuk Region: Application of Time Series

Nawal Obeid Enad Al-Anazi

This study aimed to foresee the future of public education in Tabuk region by predicting the number of schools for boys and girls, the number of students for boys and girls, the number of male and female teachers, and the number of administrators based on the available statistical data for a previous ...

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The Degree of Practicing the Requirements of Educational Research in Light of the Knowledge Society for the Postgraduate Students in Tabuk University

Roqayah Salman Al howiti , Ali Husain Najmi

The study aimed to find the degree of practicing the requirements of educational research in light of the knowledge society for the postgraduate students in Tabuk University, and to reveal the extent of statistically significant differences between the averages of responses of the individuals of the ...

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The Effect of Using Wallace Model in Developing Skillful Thinking and Geographical Culture among Students of the Geography Department in the College of Basic Education

Fadhil Khalil Ibrahim , Dalia Farook Abed Alka reem

The current study aimed to investigate the effect of using Wallace model on developing skillful thinking and geographical culture among students of the Department of Geography at the College of Basic Education/University of Mosul for the academic year 2019-2020. The research sample included (59) male ...

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The Level of Improving the School Environment in Basic Education Schools in Aldakhiliyah Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman from the Teachers’ Point of View

Zakiya Yahya Nasser Al-Rawahi , Rabee Al-Murr Al-Dhuhli

The study aimed to identify the level of improvement of school environment in basic education schools in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman. The study used the descriptive research approach. A questionnaire was developed consisting of two parts. The first part was the general data of ...

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The Effectiveness of the Administrative Skills of Educational Leadership in the Success of the Educational Process in Primary Schools in Mecca Region

Awad bin Musa Al-Ghamdi

This study aimed at identifying the school principal's level of applying the administrative skills of educational leadership in his administrative actions and decisions, determining the administrative skills of the educational leadership of the school principal in the primary stage, knowing the impact ...

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The Requirements for Employing Educational platforms in Public Education Schools in the Sultanate of Oman from the Point of View of School Principals and their Assistants, Teachers, and Computer Technicians

Husna Bint Mohammad bin Yazeed Al-Abri

This study sought to determine the requirements for employing educational platforms in public education schools in the Sultanate of Oman from point of view of the school principals and their assistants, teachers, and computer technicians. In order to achieve its objectives and answer its questions, the ...

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