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Evaluation of the effectiveness of the field training program in special education from the perspective of students at the university of Jadara

Ali Mohammad Al-Smadi

The study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the field training program for graduate students majoring in special education from the viewpoint of themselves students, the study population of students from the Faculty of Special Education Department of Education is expected to graduate and studying ...

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The impact of using augmented reality technology on imaginative thinking improvement of 10th grade female students in Islamic education in Sultanate of Oman

Rabea Mohammed Alsqria , Mohsin Nasser Al-Salmi

This study aimed to investigate the impact of using augmented reality technology in the Imaginative thinking improvement of 10th grade students in Islamic education. The study has used the quasi experimental design, with a sample 62 female students. The sample was further, divided into two groups; namely, ...

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The availability degree of the of future school's components in Al-Baha region schools and its relation to the school performance

Shaima Abdullah Sarhan Al-Ghamdi , Khadija Maqbool Al-Zahrani

The study aimed to identify the degree of availability of the elements of the future school in the schools of Al-Baha and its relationship to school performance from the viewpoint of teachers. The researchers used the correlational descriptive approach, and the study was applied to a random stratified ...

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The effectiveness of a supportive social studies training program that based on physical and social education for the improvement of preschool child life skills and its effect on teachers practices and children's acquisition of these skills

Mohannad Ibarhim Ahmad Al-masaeid , Hadi Mohammaed Ghaleb Al- Tawalbeh

The current study aimed to find out and measure the effectiveness of a supported training program for social studies based on physical and social education to develop life skills for a preschool child and its impact on teacher practices and children's acquisition of those skills, I have kindergarten ...

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The role of art education in developing creativity skills among intermediate and high school students in East Jeddah education administration schools from the viewpoint of art education teachers and students (an applied study)

Ghada Ali Atef Al-Omari

The researcher adopted two study tools and two samples that included middle and high school students, and technical education teachers in schools of eastern Jeddah education, and he used the descriptive analytical approach, and the study concluded that the technical education teachers of the study sample ...

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Extent of excellence management in prince Sattam bin Abdul Aziz university

Hassabelrasul Yousuf Altom Shihabeldenn

This study examines the extent to which the management of excellence at Prince Sattam University has been implemented and aims to create a comprehensive vision in the light of which appropriate administrative decisions can be taken to enhance performance and maximize the benefits of all parties involved ...

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An evaluation of the education supervision experts’ program in the specialized institute for training in the Sultanate of Oman, in light of the stufflebeam model

1Maryam Alshykairiah , Amal Al-Kiyumi , Aieman Ahmad Al-Omari , Ali Kazem

This study aims to measure the degree of effectiveness of the educational supervision experts' program at the Specialized Institute for Professional training of Teachers in the Sultanate of Oman in preparing graduates who are able to exercise their supervisory duties from the perspectives of the graduates ...

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The degree to which school principals in the Bethlehem and Yatta Education Directorates practice the skill of crisis management from the teachers' points of view

Jamal Bheis , Ismail Mohammed Alafandi

The study aimed to identify the degree of government school principals' practice of crisis management skill, and the impact of variables: (gender, educational qualification, number of years of experience, directorate, and school location). The sample consisted of (300) teachers working in Bethlehem and ...

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The development of an educational unit in physics according to multiple intelligence and measuring its impact on the development motivational towards learning among 9th grade

Basma Dhaif Allah Al-Aqaila , Abdullah Muhammad Khataybah , Abdul-Raouf Muhammad Al-Ali Al-Dairi

This study aimed at designing an educational unit based on multiple intelligence and its effect on developing the motivation towards learning among students of the ninth grade, the study sample consisted of (42) students from the ninth grade of basic education in the monastery of the secondary school ...

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The invariance detected in the assessment test for mathematics skills for the third basic class students through the directorates of education in Jordan

Areej Hasan Alsaid , Nedal Kamal Alshreefen

This study aimed to detect the Invariance in the test for the third basic grade in Jordan through directorates of education (numbering 45 directorates). To achieve this, the descriptive analytical method was used in analyzing the results of students on the test who participated for the 2017/2018 academic ...

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