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The Impact of the Barman Model in the Development of High-Grade Thinking among Students in the Fifth Grade Preparatory in Islamic Education in the State of Iraq

Raed Idris Mahmoud , Ihsan Nadher Hussein

The current research aims to identify the "impact of the Barman model in high-level thinking among fifth grade students in Islamic education in the State of Iraq" The researcher formulated the following zero hypothesis: "There is no statistically significant difference at (0.05) between the mean scores ...

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Authorithoritarian Practices of Intermediate School Principals in ALJahra Area of Education in the State of Kuwait and their Relation to Teachers Motivation Towards their Jobs

Taiseer Al khawaldeh , Saud Talaq Alhajri

The study aimed to identify authorithoritarian practices of intermediate school principals in ALJahra Area of education in the State of Kuwait and their relation to teachers motivation towards their jobs, and the effect of certain variables (sex, educational qualification and years of experience) on ...

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Habits of the Mind of Graduate Students in the Education

Luay Hassan Abu-Latifeh

The study aimed at identifying the level of possession of postgraduate students in the education college at al-baha university for the habits of the mind. The study sample consisted of (260) male and female graduate students (masters and general diploma in education). To achieve the objectives of the ...

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The Role of School Administrations in Promoting the Culture of Traffic Education among Grade 10 Students in Basic Education Schools of Cycle Two in the Sultanate of Oman

Hamda bint Hamed bin Hilal Al-saadi , Rahma bint Suliman bin Nasser Alkharousi

The study aimed to identify the role of school administrations in promoting the culture of traffic education among Grade 10 students at basic education schools of Cycle Two in the Sultanate of Oman. To achieved its objectives. the researchers deployed the qualitative approach through semi-structured ...

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Evaluation Study for the Quality Inner System of Education and Art Faculty in Tabuk University

Jamela Hamoud Al Balawi

Aim of the study: aims of university education, challenges face university education, quality system of education and art faculty in Tabuk University, proposals of the decision makers to modify the track of education in the light of the results of the study. Results of the study: the institutional ability ...

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Perceived Organizational Support and its Relation to the Organizational Commitment of Teachers

Hamed Gafar AlMalki

The study aimed at Identify the level of organizational support that is understood in the general education schools in the governorate of Adham, and the level of organizational commitment of the teachers from their point of view, As well as to find out if there is a significant correlation between the ...

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The Requirements of Good Governance in the General Education Schools for Girls in Yanbu from the Point of View of School Principals

Majdaleen Mahmoud Alqaoud , Entesar Faraj Hassan Baket

The study aimed to identify the degree of availability of good governance requirements (internal and external) in the schools of Yanbu, and determine the degree of importance to improve the performance of public education for girls schools stems province. Was used descriptive method Correlative, and ...

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The role of Islamic Education in the Face of Contemporary Intellectual Suspicions

Asia Hussein Menshet

What is going on in the orbit of contemporary life of events and what is motivated by the scientific progress of the attention of people to the West, which was born to many individuals of intellectual problems and inherited suspicions about the entity of the Islamic religion, this research came to know ...

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Degree of availability of Tabuk primary stage family education teachers' life skills Their point of view and its relation to the students' academic achievement

Nahed Abdulaziz Ali Masri , Bashayer Regyan Balawi

The present study aimed to determine the degree of availability of Tabuk primary stage family education teachers' life skills Their point of view and its relation to students' academic achievement. The research used the analytical descriptive method and applied a questionnaire on a random sample of the ...

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Academic teams and their role in entrepreneurial leadership development at female students of the faculty of education, Qassim University from their perspective

Fatma Abd Al-Moneim Mohammed Moawad , Hissah AbdulMohsen AlDhawyan

The research aims to identify the role of academic teams in entrepreneurial leadership development, and obstacles that hinder team work in the entrepreneurial leadership development among students in the Faculty of Education at Qassim University. The research used the descriptive survey method, the questionnaire ...

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