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Characteristics and Specifications of a Special Education Teacher In Light of the Characteristics of Students With Special Needs

Sulaiman Hamouda Mohammad Dawood

The current study aimed to determine the characteristics and specifications of special education teacher to work with people with special needs (mental-audio- visual-physical) in light of the characteristics of students with special needs, to achieve this objective researcher defining the concept of ...

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International Organizations and their Role in Literacy and Adult Education in Sudan

Omar Ibrahim Hamad Raffae

This paper investigated the role played by international organizations in adult education and illiteracy eradication in Sudan as represented by the role played by UNESCO and its peer organizations working in this area. The paper pursued several aims; firstly, it aimed at identifying the concepts and ...

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Summary of Study the Role of Students Management Councils in Development Citizenship for Student in Post-Basic Education Schools in Sultanate of Oman

Hossam El Din El Sayed Mohamed Ibrahim , Khamis al-Busaidi

The present study aimed to finding out the The Role of Students Management Councils  in development Citizenship for Student in Post-Basic Education Schools in Sultanate of Oman, the study used the descriptive methods, also used the questionnaire to collect data and information were applied to a ...

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The Concept of Self in the Holy Quran and its Implications on the Educational Curriculum in the Muslim Community

Waleed Rafeeq Al-Ayasrah

This study aimed to explain the concept of self in the Holy Quran and its educational   implications on the educational curriculum in the Muslim society. The researcher used the analytical descriptive method and the method of analyzing the content of a sample of Quranic verses. The study showed ...

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A Proposed Vision for the Development of Educational Psychology in Egyptian Universities

Waleed Mohammad Abu-Alma'aty

This study aimed to formulate a vision for the future development of the specialization of educational psychology in Egyptian universities by describing and analyzing the reality of specialization. The strategic planning methodology was adopted in the study by describing the reality of educational psychology ...

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Effectiveness of a Proposed Training Program for the Development of Educational Counselors’ Professional Competencies to Deal with Autistic Children in the Tulkarm Governorate

Rabi Shafiq Lutfi Uteir , Salah E-Din Hassan Mustafa Hamdan

This study aims to identify the effectiveness of a proposed training program for the development of educational counselors’ professional competencies to deal with autistic children in the Tulkarm governorate. The study sample consisted of 40 educational counselors in the Tulkarm Educational Directorate. ...

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Designing Qualitative Research in the Educational Field with a Focus on Research on Teaching Arabic Language

Ahmed Hassan Ahmed Alfakih

In comparison to quantitative research, qualitative research has become commonly used in educational research in general and in the field of teaching languages in particular. This is because of its characteristics of being able to present a deep understanding of the issues and problems of teaching and ...

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The Educational Skills that are Needed for Teachers of Arabic in Primary Schools According to Their Point of Views

Ra’ed Ramthan Hussein Al-Tamimi

The study aims to know the educational skills, which are required to the teachers of Arabic at elementary schools concerning to their opinions. The sample of this paper based on 270 teachers in the rate of 94% of the original community. They are divided into 150 male and 120 female teachers who teach ...

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The Evaiuation of the Basic Teaching Performance of the Faculty Members of the Faculty of Education At Al-Jouf University From the Viewpoint of the Students

Etaf Mansour Ayasrah

The aim of this study was to evaluate the teaching performance of the faculty members of the Faculty of Education at Al-Jouf University from the point of view of the students. The sample of the study consisted of (126) female students of the Faculty of Education in the second semester of the academic ...

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The Functional Language Skills Necessary for Students with Mental Disabilities at the Vocational Preparation Stage in Schools of Intellectual Education

Hassan sayed shata , Ali Saad Gaballah , Ataa Mohamed Behery , Mohamed Ahmed Ahmed Fathi Zoghary

The goal of current research to identify functional language skills necessary for students with mental disabilities stage professional preparation schools intellectual education, and adopted the descriptive approach; where the researcher make a list consisting of initial skills (27) skill divided into ...

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