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The usage degree of social media network by students at An-Najah national university as a traditional educational system versus Al-Quds open university as an open educational system

Afnan N. Darwazeh

The aim of this study is to investigate the usages of the Social Media Network (SMN) by students at AnNajah University who follow a traditional educational system versus Al-Quds Open University Nablus city branch students, who follow a distance Educational System, to see whether these usages are affected ...

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The Effectiveness of a Group Counseling Program in Reducing Rebellion among Tenth Grade Students

Theeb AL- Rawwad

This study aimed to identify the effectiveness of a group counseling program in reducing rebellion among tenth grade students. The study sample, which consisted of thirty (30) participants, was divided randomly into two equal groups: an experimental group which received a counseling program based on ...

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The Impact of a Training Program on Developing the Quality of Life among the Students of the Preparatory Stage Displaced Women

Khansaa Abdul Razzaq Abd

This study acquires its importance from the fact that it deals with Quality of Life and is considered one of the most important variables in personality. The researcher intends to conduct a scientific study in the light of social and cultural conditions to develop social tolerance among preparatory school ...

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Parenting Styles and their Relationship to Career Decision Making among 10th Grade Students in the North Batinah Governorate in Sultanate of Oman

Laila AL Farsi , Mohammad Sheikh Hammoud , Abdulhmeed Hasan

The study aimed to identify the parenting styles and their relationship to vocational decision making. The study sample consisted of 383 male and female students from North Al Batinah Schools, selected by random cluster method, in a descriptive and associative study, where the measures of parenting Styles ...

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Effectiveness of Using Demonstration Strategy on Basic Sixth Ggrade Students Achievement in Islamic Education Course in Na'ourDistrict

Faten Alloze , Fawwaz Shehada

The aim of the present study was to identify the effectiveness of using demonstration strategy in the achievement of the sixth grade students t in Islamic Education course in Na'our district. The population for the study, which was chosen by the intentional method in the leader's international school, ...

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The Impact of Utilizing Smart Learning Stations Strategy on Students' Achievement in Teaching History

Omar Jamal Mousa Al-Nawasrah , Samih Mahmoud Mohammed Al-Karasneh

The aim of the current study was to explore The Impact of Utilizing Smart Learning Stations Strategy on students' achievement in teaching history. The study followed the quasi experimental research. The sample of the study consisted of (120) male and female students at the Directorate of Education for ...

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The Effect of a Training Program on Empowering the Concepts of Industry 4.0 among Students of Muscat Islamic Institute

Luqman bin Khalfan al-Mayahi , Nasr bin Nasser al-Jabri , Abdullah bin Ali al-Jahuri , Hussein bin Ali al-Kharusi

The present study aimed to identify the effect of a training program on empowering the concepts of Industry 4.0 among the students of Muscat Islamic Institute, and whether there were statistically significant differences attributed to the variables of (1) the grade and (2) the educational orientation ...

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The Role of Community Partnership Between School Leaders and Professional Institutions in Enriching Extracurricular Activity by Training Female Students During the Activity Hour (An Applied Study of School Activity Hours According to The Kingdom's 2030 Vision)

Eman Hussein Al-Hassan Al-Ameer , Ghada Ali Atef Al-Omari

The study aimed to reveal the role of community partnership between school leaders and professional community institutions in enriching extra-curricular activities for third-graders middle school students in Jeddah Administration Schools, for the academic year 1440 AH. The study adopted the descriptive ...

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A Comparative Study Between Saudi Arabian and Glasgow Science Textbooks for 10-Year-Old Students on the Coverage of Basic Science Process Skills

Hanan Fawzi Aljarallah

The study aimed at determining how well basic science process skills are promoted in Saudi Arabian science textbook activities compare to those covered by the Glasgow Science Program booklet activities. The textbooks selected for examination in this study were the science textbooks that have been taught ...

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The effectiveness of a cognitive counseling program to modify the university students ’attitude towards cheating in exams

Khalifa Ahmed Al Qasabi

The aim of this research is to modify the attitudes of student towards cheating in exams. The research followed the quasi-experimental approach. For the purpose of collecting data, a questionnaire was used by the researcher, indicating the level of trend towards fraud, and the research was applied to ...

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