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Measuring Daily Physical Activity Levels for Students with Intellectual Disabilities in the State of Kuwait

Zainab Abbas , Maryam Arab , Badeer Aldimkhi

The current study aimed to determine the level of physical activity among students with intellectual disabilities by monitoring daily steps taken for seven consecutive days in the State of Kuwait. The researchers used pedometers to measure physical activity of 15 students with intellectual disabilities. ...

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The Influence of Academic Preparation of Kuwait University on Acquiring Leadership Behavior from Student’s Point of View

Sultan Ghaleb Aldaihani , Anwad Fahad Alkhaldi

This study aimed to investigate the degree of influence of academic preparation of Kuwait University on acquiring leadership behavior from student’s point of view. The descriptive method was used. its tool was a questionnaire which was applied on a simple random sample of (676) students. By using ...

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The Status of Physical Education in Muslim Countries Compared to Saudi Women’s Physical Education

Badr A. Fallatah , Seham M. Khan , Hong. Seok-Pyo , Yousun Ko

Recently in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia very specific changes have been made to enable female population of the country to take part in physical activities. Saudi Arabia needs to follow the women's physical education curriculum in Bahrain and Qatar, which has been systematized ahead of Saudi Arabia in ...

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The Level of Identifying the Directions of the Public Education Tutors on Students with Learning Disabilities in View of the Variances in the State of Kuwait

Ahmad Mohsen Al Saeedi

The study focused on identifying the directions of the public education tutors on students with learning disabilities in view of the variances in the state of Kuwait, in addition to identification of the differences in these directions in relevance to the variances in (gender, tuition experience, and ...

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The Relationship Between the Quality of Psychological Life by the Five Major Factors of the Personality. Comparative Field Study on the Students of the University of Algeria

Salhi Saida , Ait Habouche Souad , Charifi Hanaa

The psychological life of the individual is governed by a set of personal traits that are regulated and regulated by his or her internal and external behavior and responses. Each of these features has its psychological, emotional and social significance. The quality of psychological life is one of the ...

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Problems Facing Students of Transitional Programs in the Faculty of Applied Studies and Community Service, King Saud University

Amal Bint Ali Al Ghamdi

As King Saud University suffers from high demand of university education by female students who did not qualify to enroll directly in the regular university programs; therefore, it has established the College of Applied Studies and Community Service, to provide a number of transitional programs. The ...

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Identify the Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Awareness of the Security Risks of the Students of Tabuk University

Habbab Abdul Hai Mohammed Othman

The objective of the study was to identify the relationship between emotional intelligence and awareness of the security risks of the students of Tabuk University. Use the descriptive method, and to collect the information. Prepare the emotional intelligence scale and the security risk awareness questionnaire, ...

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The effectiveness of a proposed program in the perceptions of students of Falah bin Mohsen Al-Nabhani School for Basic Education (5-12) Towards the Phenomena of Throwing Garbage

Yasir Juma Al-Shuhoomi , Sameer Khalifa Al-Mamari , Bader Salim Al-Ghafri , Abdullah Khamis Ambusaidi

The current research aimed to identify the efficiency of a proposed program in the perceptions of students of Falah school towards the phenomena of throwing garbage. The population of the study was (729) students. The research sample consisted of (125) students. In order to achieve the aim of the study, ...

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The Effectiveness of Some Authentic Assessment Methods in Assessing Achievement Scores in the Course of Thinking and Learning Skills for Education and Arts Students at King Faisal University. (A Comparative Study with the Classical Assessment Method)

Khaled Hassan Bakr Elsherief

The Research aimed to investigate the effectiveness of authentic assessment methods (portfolio- worksheets- activities- questionnaires- learning log) in assessing the achievement for(132) of education and arts students in King Faisal University in the curriculum of learning and thinking skills, compared ...

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Quality of University Life as a Mediator between Psychological Alienation and Self-Esteem among Students of King Saud University

Wael El Sayed Hamed

The study aimed to identify the quality of university life as a mediator between psychological alienation and self-esteem among KSU students. A sample of (136) students (13%) of the study population responded to the study tools. The researcher used the descriptive analytical method. He prepared a measure ...

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