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The effect of using project-based learning (PBL) on mathematical ability among 9th grade female students in Jordan

Alaa Ahmed AL-zatari , Amal Abdallah Khasawneh

This study aimed to investigate the effect of Project-Based Learning (PBL) on the mathematical ability of the ninth-grade female students. The study used a quasi-experimental approach. The study sample consisted of (47) female students enrolled in one of public school in Jerash for the academic year ...

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Challenges facing school principals in the Sultanate of Oman in improving students' performance in international tests (TIMSS) and mechanisms to overcome them

Mona Said Al-Tobi , Omer Hashim Ismail , Mohammed Abdul Hamied Lashin

This study aimed to identify the challenges facing school principals in the Sultanate of Oman in improving the level of students' performance in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), and the mechanisms for overcoming them. To achieve this, the study followed the qualitative ...

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Adaptation, family cohesion and happiness among tenth-grade students in Irbid governorate

Shuroog M. Maabreh , Anas R. Al-Masri

This study aimed to identify the relationship between adaptation, family cohesion and happiness among tenth grade students in Irbid Governorate, and to gauge the differences between them according to gender, the level of mother's education, and the level of father's education, based on a sample of (381) ...

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The effectiveness of some practices of the academic supervision program in achieving satisfaction among college of education students at Sultan Qaboos university

Talal Shaban Ahmed Amer

The current research aimed at detecting the effect of some methods and practices used in the academic supervision program at the College of Education; on achieving students' satisfaction and helping them avoid the risk of falling under academic probation. To achieve this goal, two tools were used: The ...

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The Effect of a Graphic Versus a Written Advance Organizer on Four Levels of Learning: Remembrance, Comprehension, Conclusion, and Application

Afnan N. Darwazeh

A random simple sample of one-hundred and five male and female students at freshman and sophomore level was withdrawn from An-Najah National University in Palestine. Then, the sample was randomly distributed into five groups: 1) two groups received graphic advance organizers (GAO): one received it with ...

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Designing an educational unit using Hologram technology and its effect on the reflective thinking, among the eighth-grade students in Jordan

Muhammad Suleiman al-Khatatba , Wesal Hani Al-Omari

The study aimed to Designing an Educational Unit Using Hologram Technology and Measuring its Effect on the Reflective Thinking, Among Primary Students. The Zahwa Al-Din Al-Hamoud Secondary School for Boys was chosen, and it is one of the schools located in the Bani Ubaid Brigade, and it was chosen intentionally, ...

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Psychological immunity and social support as predictors of positive orientation towards the future for a sample of students of Qassim university

Hanan Khalil al-Halabi

The study aimed to identify the role of psychological immunity and social support in predicting the positive orientation towards the future for university students, and identifying the level of psychological immunity, social support and positive orientation towards the future for university students, ...

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Classroom environment problems facing Taibah university female students and their relationship to the overall level of satisfaction with the university academic climate

Hayat Rasheed Hamzah Alamri

The study aimed to identify university classroom problems facing Taibah University female students and explore the differences between the average scores for the overall level of satisfaction with the university academic climate that are attributable to these problems. In addition, it tends to discover ...

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Constructing visual working memory test to differentiate the gifted students in different age groups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Huda Burhan Seif El Din

The aim of this study was to construct a visual working memory scale that suits different age groups and differentiate the talented students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The visual-spatial components were used in constructing The Visual Working Memory Test (VWMT) which contains 40 questions. Its psychometric ...

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The effect of oriented classical arabic speaking animated images approach in the development of listening skill among second class students in Wadial-Seir district

Sanaa Ahmed Al-Ajrami , Fawaz Hassan Shehadeh

The aim of the study is to identify the effect of animated images using the Classical Arabic language in the development listening skill for the second-class students in the Wadi Al-Seer. the study used the semiexperimantal approach the study sample was consisted of (40) students from luminous Buds school ...

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