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The Effectiveness of the Use of Painting Therapy in Alleviating the Psychological Pressure in the Eye of Secondary School Students in the Bani Kenana Brigade

Tamara Mahmoud Nsair

a study aimed at identifying the effectiveness of the use of painting therapy in alleviating the psychological pressure in the eye of secondary school students in the Bani Kenana. The study used the semiexperimental method. The study sample consisted of (20) students who obtained a high degree in the ...

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Intermediate School Teachers' Perceptions and Preferences on Nurturing Gifted Students in Gifted Schools in Kuwait

Hamed Jassim Alsahou , Zainab Abbas

This study aimed to measure the attitudes of middle school teachers towards nurturing talented students in gifted schools and their reactions to the transition of gifted students from their regular classes to gifted schools based on different variables such as gender, years of experience, and the scientific ...

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The Impact of Inverted Learning in the Development of Immediate and Deferred Collection of Female Students in the Community College In Al-Ola and their Attitudes Towards It

Talal bin Fars Al Ahmadi

The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of inv erted learning on the development of the immediate and deferred achievement of Al-Ola community college students and their attitudes towards it. The semi-experimental method was used to identify the effect of the independent variable (the inv ...

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Determining the Performance of Students With Intellectual Disabilities who Can Learn the First Graders’ Skills in Mathematics

Obaid Mazal Al-Harbi , Emad Saleh Najeeb Alaraidah

This study aimed to determine the performance of students with intellectual disabilities who are able to learn the first graders' skills in mathematics. The study population consists of all the intellectually disabled boys' and girls' students enrolled in primary, middle and secondary public schools ...

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The Attitudes Of the University Students Towards Vision 2030 And their Relation to Motivation to Achievement

Taha oglah Al-khrisha

The current study aimed to determine The Attitudes Of the University tudents Towards Vision 2030, and the level of motivation to achievement ,and discover the relationship between The Attitudes Of the University Students Towards Vision 2030 and the motivation to achievement. For the purposes of this ...

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Factors predicting student success in Hail technical college students

Yahya Mubarak Katatba , Ahmed bin Saleh Suleiman Alhawas

The present study aimed at identifying the most predictive factors of academic success and adding a new criterion for the selection and selection of students applying for universities and technical colleges. The study sample consisted of (500) students from the technical college in Hail. The researcher ...

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Degree of availability of Tabuk primary stage family education teachers' life skills Their point of view and its relation to the students' academic achievement

Nahed Abdulaziz Ali Masri , Bashayer Regyan Balawi

The present study aimed to determine the degree of availability of Tabuk primary stage family education teachers' life skills Their point of view and its relation to students' academic achievement. The research used the analytical descriptive method and applied a questionnaire on a random sample of the ...

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Academic teams and their role in entrepreneurial leadership development at female students of the faculty of education, Qassim University from their perspective

Fatma Abd Al-Moneim Mohammed Moawad , Hissah AbdulMohsen AlDhawyan

The research aims to identify the role of academic teams in entrepreneurial leadership development, and obstacles that hinder team work in the entrepreneurial leadership development among students in the Faculty of Education at Qassim University. The research used the descriptive survey method, the questionnaire ...

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Constructing a criterion referenced test to measure the statistical competencies of postgraduate students at the university of Tabuk

Hanan Muhammad Al-Atawi , Ahmed Salim Al-Masoudi

This research aimed to construct a criterion referenced test to measure the statistical competencies of post graduate students at the University of Tabuk according to Rash model.To achieve research objectives the researcher used descriptive analytical methodology and an instrument was constructed in ...

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The impact of using electronic brainstorming strategy in a blended learning environment on grade-eleven female students’ in developing achievement motivation in islamic education

Rabea Mahammed Al-Saqria , Mohsin Nasser Al- Salmi

This study aimed at identifying the impact of using Electronic Brainstorming Strategy in a Blended Learning Environment on grade-eleven female students' in developing Achievement motivation in Islamic Education. A quasi-experimental design was used with two experimental groups, the first experimental ...

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