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The Functional Language Skills Necessary for Students with Mental Disabilities at the Vocational Preparation Stage in Schools of Intellectual Education

Hassan sayed shata , Ali Saad Gaballah , Ataa Mohamed Behery , Mohamed Ahmed Ahmed Fathi Zoghary

The goal of current research to identify functional language skills necessary for students with mental disabilities stage professional preparation schools intellectual education, and adopted the descriptive approach; where the researcher make a list consisting of initial skills (27) skill divided into ...

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The Extent of Inclusion the Book of Jurisprudence for the Students of the First Grade Intermediate in Saudi Arabia for the Components of the Knowledge Economy

Huda Saad ALkatheri , Abdulmohsen Saif AL-Saif

This study aimed at: recognizing components of knowledge economy that should be included in the Jurisprudence course for girls in the first year intermediate in Saudi Arabia and knowing to what extent the course took into account these components. To achieve the aims of the study, the researchers developed ...

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The Effect of Teaching Computerized Unit (Quick Basic) from the Computer Book on the Achievement of Second Grade Secondary School Students in the North West Badia Schools

Mohammad Rafe Saeed AL-Naimat

The study was aimed to investigate the effect of teaching a computer unit (Quick Basic) from computer book on the achievement of secondary school students in the schools of the North West Badia, accordance with the change of gender variables and the method of teaching and interaction between them. The ...

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Employment of Social Networks in the Development of Life Skills among High School Students from the Perspective of Students and Teachers

Faraj bin Saad bin Abdullah al-Shihri

This study aim to find out the impact of the employment of the social networks on the development of life skills among high school students from the perspective of students and teachers. To achieve this, the study sought to answer the following main question: What is the appropriate recruitment of the ...

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The Degree of Using Creative Thinking by the High Basic Teachers from the Perspective of Public Schools Students in the District of Tulkarem

Zeiad Barakat

This study aimed to investigate the degree of using creative thinking by the high basic teachers frm the perspective of public schools students in the district of Tulkarem, to achieve the purposes of the study was designed questionnaire to measure the effectiveness of the teacher to use the methods in ...

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The Effect of Scaffolding Instructions in Correcting the Alternative Conceptions among 9th Grade Female Students in the Sultanate of Oman

Wifaq K. Alsaidi , Abdullah K. Ambusaidi

The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of the scaffolding instructions in correcting the alternative conceptions among 9th grade female students in Sultanate of Oman. The study used semiexperimental approach. It consisted of 62 female students of 9th grade in North ALBatinh Governorate/ Sultanate ...

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Estimation of English Language Teaching Programme at Rustaq College of Education from the English Speciality Students’ Points of View

Humood Abdullah Salim Al-Shukri

The study aims to estimate English Language Teaching programme at Rustaq College of Education from the English speciality students’ points of View. For data collection, the researcher designed a questionnaire for evaluating the programme. The reliability and validity of the study tool has been ...

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The Requirements to Develop Curriculum Construction Course form the Point of Views of the Students and Teaching Staff in the King Faisal University

Mohannad A. Aljafary , Shaher R. Elayyan

The current study falls in line with the contemporary effort aiming towards developing teaching and learning system in King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia. It aims to investigate the requirements necessary to develop Curriculum Construction course for the students in The Faculty of Education. The ...

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The Effect of Teaching Science by using STEM Approach in Developing Research Skills in Accordance with the ISEF Standards among Primary Stage Students

Majed Mohamed Hassan al-Malki

The aim of the research is to identify the effectiveness of teaching scientific concepts with the standards of the ISEF Intel model for the fifth grade students in Jeddah in order to find out the extent to which science curricula in the primary stage according to the nation's vision provide students ...

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Evaluating the Results of Questionnaires from the Perspective of Some Saudi University Students

Majid Abdulfattah Mohammed Bokari

The study aimed to identify the degree of truthfulness of the results of the questionnaire distributed to students during the educational process such as questionnaires, evaluation of the course, assessment of the teacher of the course, assessment of academic programs, student activities, and other research ...

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