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The Role of Marketing Strategy in Gaining Competitive Advantage

Riyad Bouaisi

The marketing strategy plays a very important role in light of the changes and rapid changes in the business environment. It has become a necessity today for economic institutions in order to acquire a competitive advantage and this to ensure its survival and continuation and to face its competiteurs ...

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The Role of Marketing Quality in Commercial Banks In Achieving Customer Satisfaction - Case Study of Gulf Bank Algeria Bechar Agency

Hadji Karima , Merzougui Zakaria , Naar Mabarka

The objective of this study is to identify the extent to which marketing quality is applied at the level of banks and its impact on customer satisfaction. Gulf Bank of Algeria agency has been selected as a case study, a questionnaire was distributed to a sample of 56 customers of this bank, analyzing ...

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Marketing of insurance services and their contribution to customer satisfaction (2014-2018 case study of Chikan Insurance and Reinvestment)

Manahel Abdulhab Tban Mohammed

: This study examined marketing of insurance services and their contribution to customer satisfaction. Status of the State of Khartoum (2014-2018) was used. Resolution was a tool for data collection. The study followed the descriptive and analytical approach. Advertising has effectively contributed to ...

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Framework design for competitive marketing mechanism in Iraqi social media

Adil M. Salman , Marwa M.Ismaeel , Israa Ezzat Salem

Several organizations in Iraq manufacture similar commodities in this aggressive social trading. The objective of these organizations is diffusing information about their commodities publicly for popularity of the commodities in social media. More returns result in popular commodities and vice versa. ...

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The Impact of the Application and Practice of Marketing Activities in the Sustainability of Institutions Economic - Case Study of the Guedila Mineral Water Foundation

Hakim bendjeroua , Rebbouh oumelkhir

This study aims at identifying and determining the importance of marketing activities in the continuation and survival of the economic institutions in the market in generaland to the guedila Mineral Water Foundation in particular Therefore, the study focused specifically on the relationship of the marketing ...

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Assessing the Factor that Determines Enterprise Risk Management: Special Emphasis on Tomato Production Value Chains in East Showa zone, Ethiopia

Zerihun Ayenew Birbirsa , Emnet Negash Debele

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) deals with the broader risk management of an enterprise and then extracting every possible means by which an organization able to with stand those risks. The study aims at assessing the factor that determines enterprise risk management. The target population of this study ...

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De-marketing As A Strategic Tool For Managing Customer Excessive Demand within The Shortage of Environmental Recourses of Water: Empirical study in Jordan

Zakaria Ahmed Azzam

Jordan has one of the lowest levels of water in the world, with Jordan's population is expected to continue to grow, the gap between water supply and water consumption (demand) threatens to wider significantly. On the other hand, the exploitation of new water supply recourses is costly, therefore, Jordan ...

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The impact of marketing competencies on marketing performance in Jordanian pharmaceutical companies

Emad Y. Masoud , Adham Kanaan

This study aimed to investigate the effect of marketing competencies which include (product development competency, marketing research competency, marketing services competency, pricing competency, promotion competency, and brand competency) on marketing performance (market share, and customer satisfaction) ...

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A proposed model for measuring the impact of digital marketing on consumer purchasing trends with brand credibility as an intermediate variable

Motaz Talat Mohammad Abdullah , Naif Laeq Jadoua Alanezy , Motasem Eqab Almasoud

The study aimed to identify the reality of digital marketing in Zain in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a first major goal, and to identify the impact of digital marketing on consumer purchasing trends with brand credibility as an intermediate variable as a second major goal. The researchers used the ...

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The role of green marketing in achieving sustainable development (A case study of the Fahd Al-Medhath electricity corporation)

Heba Al-Zubair Abdul Majeed Mohammed

This research deals with the concept of green marketing and its role in achieving sustainable development. the importance of the topic of green marketing comes to its role in meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs. The research problem ...

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