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The availability of the elements of the application of the principles of corporate governance issued by the Organization for Economic CooperationAnd Development (OECD) in Libyan banks

Emad M. Abu Agila

This study aimed to identify the reality of Libyan banks and the availability of the elements of the application of the principles of corporate governance pop the Organization for Development and Economic Cooperation (OECD) inside. The study sample consisted in the number of (8) results from banks , ...

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The Causes that Influence the Delay of Payment at Due Date Among ENDAI-A in Tunisia

Jerbi Basma , Asma Sghaier , Akachi Samir , Hanène Kheireddine , Mohamed Soufeljil , Zouhayer Mighri

This research studies the relevance of explanatory factors of the lack of reimbursement in microfinance conceived in the side of the socio-economic and demographic characteristics of micro-borrowers. In other words, the aim of this work is to identify the characteristics that are specific to micro-borrowers ...

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Legality of Advisory Opinion (Fatwa) Organization Work and Legitimate Supervision in Islamic Banks- Inductive and analytical study

Naif Jama’an Juraidan

This research concerned with how to present a formula that could regulate all which cornered with Advisory Opinion Organizations and legitimate supervision, designed as Law Provisions that could lead to achieving the goals of these Organization and to insure the application of Islamic Sharia Provisions ...

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The Effect of Using Balanced Scorecard in Amendment of the Financial Performance Evaluation of non-Profit Organizations (A Study Case of Al-Basar International Foundation- Sudan)

Omar Alsir Hassan Mohammed , Logman Maroof Fadel Mohammed

The problem of the study lies in the insufficiency that found in the performance amendment methods and the traditional control which have become unsuitable for facing changes in the modern business environment,,,, Eventually, the question of the study can be formulated as follows: Does the use of the ...

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Impact of the Organizational Strength on the Organizational Commitment (Case of Study, Tahri Mohammad Bechar University)

Moumni Sara , Boshamin Ahmed

This research study aims at checking the impact of organizational power dimensions (legitimacy power, awarding power, expertise power, attracting and compelling power) on organizational commitment in the Tahri Mohamed University of Bechar (Algeria) . To achieve such aim, we have conceived a questionnaire ...

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The Role of Administrative Leadership Styles in Strengthening the Behaviour of Organizational CitizenshipIn the Housing Sector Case Study of the Agency of Promotion and Real Estate Management of the State of Ghardaia

Abdelkader Debboune , Abdelatif Saiti

This study (paper) aimed at identifying the types of Modern Administrative Leadership styles (transformational Leadership type, exchange Leadership type, ethical leadership type and emotional intelligence Leadership type) and the extent of its support for the behaviour of organizational citizenship of ...

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Relationship Between Organizational Conflicts and Job Satisfaction in Public Institutions A case Study of Ministry of Education, Gezira State, Sudan (2006 - 2013)

Othman Taj Alsar Mousaed Hamed , Dareen Ezzeddine Abidine Hamdato , Mohammed Kamal Aljak

This research aimed at studying the relationship between the organizational conflict and job satisfaction through studying the most important factors and reasons for the organizational conflict and studying the suitable method for administering these conflicts. That was done by using a random sample ...

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The Role of Tourism for Achieving The Sustainable Development Goals in World Tourism Organization Reports, The Case of Algeria

Benmouiza Messaoud

The aim of this research is to highlight the relationship between tourism as an economic sector, which is increasingly important as an economic, social and cultural sector, and the concept of sustainable development as one of the strategic orientations of the United Nations and its specialized organization: ...

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Relational Capital and its Impact on Business Performance: Causal Study in Kuwaiti Telecommunications Organizations

Naser Sajid al-Naser

The purpose of the study is to investigate the influence of Relational Capital (RC) on Kuwaiti Telecommunications organizations’ (KTO) Business Performance (BP), through examining the workers’ perceptions regarding significance and potential use of RC indicators to leverage KTO BP. The study ...

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Islamic Work Ethic and its Positive Impact on the Individual and the Organization

Abdulwahab Shmailan

God's creature creation, human and ordered to work and seek in the land; for the reconstruction and spend his needs, and to dispense with work yoke question, in order, he urged all religions, all the work and dedication in it. When Sharia and religion orthodox was inspired by the sky from the presence ...

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