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The Effectiveness of Science Club in the Creative Skills of Students in the Elementary Grades

Nail Mohammed Karkaz , Ziad Kamel Ellala

The effectiveness of the Science Club in the development of creative skills among the students of the primary grades. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of the Science Club in the development of creative skills among the students of the primary grades (fifth and sixth grade. ...

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The Effect Program Based on Use of Environmental Activities to Improve Some Simple Skills for the Use of Computers for Students with Multiple Disabilities

Mona Helmi Abdel Hamid Tolba

The main objective of the study aimed at evaluating the efficiency of a suggested simple computer program for providing with the Students multiple disabilities necessary skills in reading, and in mathematics and recognizing suitable environmental activities through the use of available facilities. To ...

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Effectiveness Based on Listening Skills for Developing Reading Skills to 4th Grade Elementary Girls in Gaza

Dawood Darwish Helles , Maha Mohammed Ahmed Shobaki

This study aims to determine the extent of a program effectiveness based on listening skills for developing reading skills to 4th grade elementary girls in Gaza. In this study, the researchers adopted the experimental method and the constructivist approach, the study population consisted of 4th all female ...

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The Effectiveness of A Training Program Based on Sensory and Cognitive Skills Development for People with Autism through the Use of the Program (TEACCH)

Suher Al-Sabah , Muhammad Hammad Abu Sabha

The study aimed The Effectiveness of A Training Program Based on develop the sensory and cognitive skills for people with autism through the use of the TEACCH program. The study sample consisted of eight children with autism.The sample was divided into two groups of children aged between 4 - 13 years ...

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The Educational Skills that are Needed for Teachers of Arabic in Primary Schools According to Their Point of Views

Ra’ed Ramthan Hussein Al-Tamimi

The study aims to know the educational skills, which are required to the teachers of Arabic at elementary schools concerning to their opinions. The sample of this paper based on 270 teachers in the rate of 94% of the original community. They are divided into 150 male and 120 female teachers who teach ...

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The Functional Language Skills Necessary for Students with Mental Disabilities at the Vocational Preparation Stage in Schools of Intellectual Education

Hassan sayed shata , Ali Saad Gaballah , Ataa Mohamed Behery , Mohamed Ahmed Ahmed Fathi Zoghary

The goal of current research to identify functional language skills necessary for students with mental disabilities stage professional preparation schools intellectual education, and adopted the descriptive approach; where the researcher make a list consisting of initial skills (27) skill divided into ...

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Self-Expression Skills and its Relationship Between the Symptoms of Psychosomatic Disorders in the Victims Women

Yahya Mubarak Kkatatbeh , Moqefa Bent Qasm Ben Mesfer Al Otaibi

The aim of the study was to identify the relationship between self-expression skills and the symptoms of psychosomatic disorders in the victims. The descriptive and comparative descriptive method was used on a random sample of 200 lesions, and the measure of self-expression and the measure of psychosomatic ...

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The Effectiveness of A Training Program on the Development of the Health Care Skills of Autistic Children for the Caregivers in the Autism Centers and their Relation to Some Variables in A Jordanian Sample

Ahmad AL Hayek

This study aimed to measure the effectiveness of a training program in improving the health care skills for workers in autism centers with autistic children, in AL Balqa. In addition to that, the study aimed to recognize the relation between the effectiveness of the program and the variable of qualification. ...

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Employment of Social Networks in the Development of Life Skills among High School Students from the Perspective of Students and Teachers

Faraj bin Saad bin Abdullah al-Shihri

This study aim to find out the impact of the employment of the social networks on the development of life skills among high school students from the perspective of students and teachers. To achieve this, the study sought to answer the following main question: What is the appropriate recruitment of the ...

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The Effect of Teaching Science by using STEM Approach in Developing Research Skills in Accordance with the ISEF Standards among Primary Stage Students

Majed Mohamed Hassan al-Malki

The aim of the research is to identify the effectiveness of teaching scientific concepts with the standards of the ISEF Intel model for the fifth grade students in Jeddah in order to find out the extent to which science curricula in the primary stage according to the nation's vision provide students ...

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