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The extent to which management is interested in accounting for the cost of human resources in banks

Ayman Abdulla Mohammed Abu Bakr

The study aimed to identify the extent of management's attention to accounting for the cost of human resources banks, a field study on a sample of banks in Khartoum, where he represented the study a problem in that the accounting for the cost of human resources are not important and The effectiveness ...

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Human Resources Management and its Role in the Application of TQM Applied to the Sudanese Company for Thermal Generation During the Period 2002-2012

Abubaker Dawelbet Abubaker Mohammed , Hamza Abdallah Abdalrhman Yahya , Abdelshafi Mohammed Abbaker Younis

This research tackles human recourse management and its role in applying total quality management to be applied in Sudanese thermal generating company during the period from 2002 to 2011. The problem of this research is that there is misconception in managerial philosophy of human resources in Sudanese ...

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Relational Capital and its Impact on Business Performance: Causal Study in Kuwaiti Telecommunications Organizations

Naser Sajid al-Naser

The purpose of the study is to investigate the influence of Relational Capital (RC) on Kuwaiti Telecommunications organizations’ (KTO) Business Performance (BP), through examining the workers’ perceptions regarding significance and potential use of RC indicators to leverage KTO BP. The study ...

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Methods of Developing Human Resource Management in Islamic Banks in Gaza Governorates and their Impact on Achieving Total Quality

Yasser Abed Taha Al-Shurafa , Hani Rabhi Ahmed Abdel Aal

This study aimed to identify methods of Human Resource Management (HRM) in Islamic banks in Gaza Governorates and their impact on achieving total quality. The study population included all employees in Islamic banks in Gaza Governorates (Palestine Islamic Bank, and Arab Islamic Bank) totaling (218) employees. ...

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The impact of human resource management practices on person– job fit: the mediating role of human resources agility at Jordanian airlines companies

Maher Al-Nawasrah , Khaled Khalaf Alafi

This study aims to analyze the impact of the human resources management practices on adapting person- job fit, with the existence of human resource agility as a modified variable in Jordanian airlines, The researcher relies on the descriptive and analytical approach, The study population consist of all ...

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The impact of strategic direction on the diversity of human resources: an empirical study: in a Centro Supermarket in Jordan

Ahmad Raja Salameh ALBatayneh , Suleiman Raja Salameh ALBatayneh , Zaid Naiel Aissa Alfugaha

The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of strategic orientation as measured by defensive strategic orientation, analytical strategic orientation, proactive strategic orientation, and strategic responses orientation on human resource diversity as measured by efficiency and skills. The descriptive ...

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Reengineering Human Resources as a Support Mechanism for High Performance Work Systems in Organizations An Exploratory Study of the Opinions of Human Resources Managers in a Group of Economic Institutions in the Biskra

Ahlem Khene , Moufida Yahyaoui , Souria Zaoui

In this study, we aim to identify the contribution of re-engineering of human resources to provide and strengthening of High performance of systems or practices by surveying the views of managers in some economic institutions in Biskra. Therefore, this study will contribute to define the managers of ...

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The Impact of Knowledge Management Processes on Organizational Excellence in Jordanian Commercial Banks

Moatasam Ahmad Wahba , Ayoub Ahmed Al-Sawalha

This study aimed to explore the impact of the knowledge management process through (knowledge discovery, sharing, capture and application) on organizational excellence from the dimensions of (leadership, structure, strategic culture and subordinates) in the case of Jordanian commercial banks. Where the ...

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The role of the Deanship of Human Resources on improving employee performance - An applied study on the Deanship of Human Resources at King Khalid University

Alhossin Yahya Alnami Qurayni

The study aimed to clarify the impact of the Deanship of Human Resources at King Khalid University in developing employee performance by explaining the impact of each (the organizational role, the training role, the developmental role, and the motivational role) of the Deanship of Human Resources in ...

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The impact of human resources information systems on competency life cycle, moderating role of learning organization: An applied study in the Palestinian universities

Emad Walad Ali , Fayez Jomah Al-Najjar

This study aims to investigate the Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) and its impact on the competency life cycle in the Palestinian universities, in addition the role of Learning Organization (LO) as a moderating variable. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, the researchers designed ...

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