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From Traditional Energies To Alternative Energies: The Role Of Governments In Promoting Investment In Alternative Energies As a Mechanism For Development

Afif Hana

The fluctuating changes in oil prices that occur every period and period, and the failure of each time on the various economies of the world, especially the oil producing and exporting countries, and with the global increase in the amount of energy consumption globally, emerged the inevitability of the ...

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The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth in Oman (1990-2014)

Muawya Ahmed Hussein , Hanaa Mahmoud Sid Ahmed

Oman’s economy is greatly reliant on oil as a main source of income. On the other hand, diversification of economic activities needs enhancement in the technological infrastructure of the country to have positive effect on economic growth (gross domestic product GDP). Foreign direct investment ...

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Influence of Gender on investment decisions of Investors in Sultanate of Oman

Kavita Chavali , Shireen Rosario

The purpose of the study is to explore the impact of gender differences on investment decisions in Sultanate of Oman. A questionnaire was prepared and administered which included psychological factors, economic factors, corporate governance and ethical issues and decision making process. Responses are ...

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Analysis of the relationship between foreign direct investment and economic development: The case of the upper-middle-income developing economies

Khaled M. Al-Sawai'e

This study aims to analyze the relationship between foreign direct investment and economic development of the upper-middle-income developing economies from 1970 to 2016. The dynamic Panel data model were used; the results confirmed a short- and long-term causal relationship between the two variables ...

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Green Sukuk as an Option to Finance Investment in Renewable Energies in MENA Region

Amal Rahmane , Aicha Selma Kiheli , Okba Abdellaoui

Green Sukuk are a kind of Islamic financial instruments and relatively modern, which has become increasingly important in recent years, as it is specifically directed to support projects related to climate or the environment such as financing investments in renewable energy especially in the Middle East ...

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The impact of geopolitical risks and the human development on foreign direct investment inflows in Iraq for the period (2004-2018)

Zeravan Abdulmuhsen Asaad , Bayar MohamedRasheed Marane , Hazheen Mardan Mustafa

This study aims to know the effect of geopolitical, financial and human factors on FDI flows to Iraq for the annual period (2004-2018) using multiple linear regression, and the results showed that the reality of foreign direct investment in Iraq is explained by political, financial and human factors ...

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International strategic options affecting the size of foreign investment in Jordan

Dhaher Raddad Al-Qurashi

The study aimed to discover the impact of international strategic options on the size of foreign investment in Jordan, the study examined the impact of following international strategic options: (licenses, concessions, contracts), on the size of foreign investments in Jordan: (size of exports, size of ...

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The extent of applying the discounted cash flows methods in evaluating investment decisions and its effect on rationalizing the costs in the Jordanian shareholding industrial companies

Walid Zakaria Siam , Faris Talat Abd Al-Aal

The study aims to identify the extent to which discounted cash flow methods are used when making investment decisions and their impact on cost rationalization in Jordanian Industrial Public Shareholding Companies. In addition, to explain the obstacles that may limit the use of these methods. The study ...

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The challenges facing the application of investment funds in Islamic banks in the Palestinian economy

Ziad Jalal Aldammagh

The research aims to study the challenges facing the application of investment funds in Islamic banks In the Palestinian economy, the researcher used the descriptive analytical method in conducting the research, and the questionnaire was applied as a tool to collect information on the research sample ...

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An empirical investigation on the effects of the fiscal and monetary policies on the domestic and foreign direct investment in Saudi Arabia for the period 2010–2018

Abdulaziz Adel Aldaarmi

Foreign direct investment is currently one of the main pillars in achieving development and economic growth, due to its important position in the economies of the countries of the world. The aim of this research is to study the impact of Fiscal and monetary policy in Saudi Arabia on attracting foreign ...

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