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The impact of monetary policy on the foreign investment flow into Jordan

Ola Abu Rahma , Kahtan Al-Samarraie

The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of monetary policy on the flow of foreign investment to Jordan, and to achieve the study goal and test its hypotheses, it depended on the annual reports of the published central bank and reports of the Amman Stock Exchange and the quarterly bulletin ...

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The green economy to meet the challenges of sustainable development (comparative study of experiences of Tunisia and Saudi Arabia)

Ziad Akrout , Niazi Cumin

This paper has been prepared to provide an accurate analysis of the characteristics of the paper The experiences of Tunisia and Saudi Arabia in the field of green economics They are considered good experiences in the Arab world that can be Use them as each government has sought to develop a strategy ...

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Determinants of private investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Oubeid Rahmouni , Sarah Almadhi

The paper focuses on the main determinants of private investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) during the period 1986-2016. It uses the Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) model to estimate a long run (equilibrium) and a short run relationship between private investment and its economic determinants ...

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The Impact of Capital Structure on Performance at the Corporate Service Sector in Jordan

Omar Fareed Shaqqour , Ayman Saleh Harb

The study aims to measure the impact of capital structure and investment in assets on net income and return on investment in the services sector during the period of (2016-2018). The study population consists of all corporate service companies in Jordan. (12) companies were randomly selected. The statistical ...

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The Influence of Geological Potential and Investment Climate on Botswana’s Competitiveness

Khumo Mogaetsho , John Masson , Farai Nyika

Objective: This article's objective is to evaluate Botswana's attractiveness to investors in mineral exploration. Botswana's competitiveness and ability to attract exploration and mining investment have declined in recent years. Method: Questionnaires were used as part of a mixed methodology to collect ...

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