Global Journal of Economics and Business

Volume 10 - Issue 1 (2) | PP: 14 - 26 Language : العربية

The green economy to meet the challenges of sustainable development (comparative study of experiences of Tunisia and Saudi Arabia)

Ziad Akrout ,
Niazi Cumin
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17/7/2020 7/9/2020 18/11/2020 1/3/2021
This paper has been prepared to provide an accurate analysis of the characteristics of the paper The experiences of Tunisia and Saudi Arabia in the field of green economics They are considered good experiences in the Arab world that can be Use them as each government has sought to develop a strategy that has contributed To strengthen the rational management of water resources and to achieve conformity with laws Environmental support in ecology. The point of light in the Tunisian experience is to adopt the idea of environmental tourism, which requires investment to rehabilitate its areas and to improve or build the infrastructure necessary to facilitate tourists' access to them. The innovative nature of the Saudi Arabian experience lies in adopting renewable energy plans, reducing emissions and carbon, and providing a diverse, sustainable and attractive energy model for investments. While these efforts are important, we consider that countries do not exploit all their resources in the green economy and are therefore losing many opportunities in this area. We therefore believe it is in the interest of strengthening the partnership between the two countries in the area of investment in the green economy and of adjusting their cooperation mechanisms in the environmental field, especially in terms of sharing experiences, the renewable energy sector, waste disposal and environmental technology in the common interest. The adoption of the green economy requires that investments be directed at the optimal and most effective use of natural resources in order to increase their economic revenues, create jobs, deliver benefits to all segments of society, while preserving the environment and ensuring that natural resources are sustainable in regeneration.

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