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Employment of Social Networks in the Development of Life Skills among High School Students from the Perspective of Students and Teachers

Faraj bin Saad bin Abdullah al-Shihri

This study aim to find out the impact of the employment of the social networks on the development of life skills among high school students from the perspective of students and teachers. To achieve this, the study sought to answer the following main question: What is the appropriate recruitment of the ...

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Degree of availability of Tabuk primary stage family education teachers' life skills Their point of view and its relation to the students' academic achievement

Nahed Abdulaziz Ali Masri , Bashayer Regyan Balawi

The present study aimed to determine the degree of availability of Tabuk primary stage family education teachers' life skills Their point of view and its relation to students' academic achievement. The research used the analytical descriptive method and applied a questionnaire on a random sample of the ...

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The practice of life skills by science teachers’ in Jordan from their point of view

Sarah Faisal Ghazi Al-Wardat , Abdullah Al-Khataybeh , Ibtisam Rababa

The study aimed to reveal the practice degree of life skills by science teachers' in Jordan. the Descriptive approach was used to achieve the study purpose. The researchers developed the study's tool. The questionnaire consists five main life skills: manual practical skills, nutritional skills, health ...

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The effectiveness of a supportive social studies training program that based on physical and social education for the improvement of preschool child life skills and its effect on teachers practices and children's acquisition of these skills

Mohannad Ibarhim Ahmad Al-masaeid , Hadi Mohammaed Ghaleb Al- Tawalbeh

The current study aimed to find out and measure the effectiveness of a supported training program for social studies based on physical and social education to develop life skills for a preschool child and its impact on teacher practices and children's acquisition of those skills, I have kindergarten ...

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Life skills and their impact on the individual

Hanan Salem Hassan Banasser

The current study aimed to reach a list of life skills that have a positive impact on the individual, and to achieve this goal, the researcher studied literature and previous studies related to life skills, extracted these skills and put them in a questionnaire, then selected a sample of specialists ...

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The Degree to which Tenth Grade Students Possess Life Skills in Public Schools in Palestine

Mohammad Abdul-Kareem AL-Qasim , Abdelnaser A. Qadumi

Objectives: The study aimed at identifying the Degree to which tenth graders possess life skills in public schools in Palestine. Methods: It utilized the analytical descriptive approach, and its sample, which was selected through the stratified random method, consisted of (1941) male and female students. ...

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A Proposed Framework for Developing a Life Skills Teacher Training Program in Light of the Finnish Experience

Maha Ali Al-Namlah , Tahani bint Abdul Rahman Al-Muzaini

Objectives: The current research aims to understand the reality of teacher preparation programs - specifically, the program for teaching life skills and family skills - in Finland and propose a conceptual framework based on the Finnish experience. Methods: The researcher followed a descriptive-analytical ...

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