International Journal of Educational and Psychological Studies

Volume 10 - Issue 3 (12) | PP: 734 - 743 Language : العربية

Life skills and their impact on the individual

Hanan Salem Hassan Banasser
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24/7/2021 15/8/2021 9/9/2021 15/12/2021
The current study aimed to reach a list of life skills that have a positive impact on the individual, and to achieve this goal, the researcher studied literature and previous studies related to life skills, extracted these skills and put them in a questionnaire, then selected a sample of specialists in human development, psychology and life skills trainers from the training centers in Jeddah and a number of trainees numbered 50 arbitrators. The questionnaire was presented to them. Opinions were monitored and analyzed according to the percentage of approval of the skill and the percentage of importance of the skill. Conducting experimental studies on different samples was to develop these skills using training methods and methods, knowing their impact on the individual and observing his behavior over successive periods, and the necessity of including these skills in the curricula at the secondary and university levels.

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