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Obstacles of Implementing the Authentic Assessment in Learning of Islamic Education on the Schools in the Educational Tabuk Region

Yahya Abdel Khalq yousif

The purpose of this study was to determine the Obstacles of Implementing the Authentic Assessment in Learning of Islamic Education on the schools in the Educational Tabuk Region. To achieve this aim, a 60-item questionnaire was administered. The study samples were randomly selected and consisted (109) ...

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The Impact of the Barman Model in the Development of High-Grade Thinking among Students in the Fifth Grade Preparatory in Islamic Education in the State of Iraq

Raed Idris Mahmoud , Ihsan Nadher Hussein

The current research aims to identify the "impact of the Barman model in high-level thinking among fifth grade students in Islamic education in the State of Iraq" The researcher formulated the following zero hypothesis: "There is no statistically significant difference at (0.05) between the mean scores ...

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The role of Islamic Education in the Face of Contemporary Intellectual Suspicions

Asia Hussein Menshet

What is going on in the orbit of contemporary life of events and what is motivated by the scientific progress of the attention of people to the West, which was born to many individuals of intellectual problems and inherited suspicions about the entity of the Islamic religion, this research came to know ...

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The impact of using electronic brainstorming strategy in a blended learning environment on grade-eleven female students’ in developing achievement motivation in islamic education

Rabea Mahammed Al-Saqria , Mohsin Nasser Al- Salmi

This study aimed at identifying the impact of using Electronic Brainstorming Strategy in a Blended Learning Environment on grade-eleven female students' in developing Achievement motivation in Islamic Education. A quasi-experimental design was used with two experimental groups, the first experimental ...

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Effectiveness of Using Demonstration Strategy on Basic Sixth Ggrade Students Achievement in Islamic Education Course in Na'ourDistrict

Faten Alloze , Fawwaz Shehada

The aim of the present study was to identify the effectiveness of using demonstration strategy in the achievement of the sixth grade students t in Islamic Education course in Na'our district. The population for the study, which was chosen by the intentional method in the leader's international school, ...

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The impact of using augmented reality technology on imaginative thinking improvement of 10th grade female students in Islamic education in Sultanate of Oman

Rabea Mohammed Alsqria , Mohsin Nasser Al-Salmi

This study aimed to investigate the impact of using augmented reality technology in the Imaginative thinking improvement of 10th grade students in Islamic education. The study has used the quasi experimental design, with a sample 62 female students. The sample was further, divided into two groups; namely, ...

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The Degree to which Islamic Education Books for the Basic Stage Observe the Principles of Communicative and Constructivist Theory and a Proposal to Develop them in Light of those Principles

Omar Hussain Al-Omari , Bayan Azmi Al-Suqur

The study aimed to identify the principles of constructive and communicative theories included in Islamic education books for the basic stage in Jordan. The study sample consisted of all Islamic education books for grades from the first to the tenth grade. Content analysis card consisted of (19) principles ...

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The Amount of Availability of Scientific Thinking Skills that are Derived from the Holy Quran in Islamic Education Books for Post-Basic Education in the Sultanate of Oman

Hassan Mohammad Al-Omari , Ameera Bint Mohammad Al-Alawiya

The current study aimed to reveal the percentages of the included scientific thinking skills derived from the Holy Quran in the activities of Islamic education books for the eleventh and twelfth grades in the Sultanate of Oman. To achieve this, the researcher prepared a list of (8) skills of scientific ...

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Evaluating the Teaching Performance of the Fifth Grade Female Teachers in Light of the Professional Standards of the Islamic Education Female Teachers

Abeer Ibrahim Naji Al-Sobhi , Amna Muhammad Al-Shanqeeti

The study targets the evaluation of the fifth-grade female teachers' performance in the following categories while considering the professional criteria of the Islamic Education Female Teachers (IEFT): Planning, Implementation and Evaluation). The study used an observation card of 56 standard indicators ...

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A Program Based on the Professional Learning Communities’ Approach and its Efficiency in the Development of Creative Teaching Skills and Self-Efficacy among Islamic Education Teachers in Tabuk

Atallah bin Salman Al Masoudi , Muhammad bin Shadid Al-Bishri

Objectives: The current study aimed to build a program based on the professional learning communities' approach and its efficiency in the development of creative teaching skills and self-efficacy among Islamic education teachers in at the intermediate stage. Methods: The study has adopted the analytical ...

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