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The Effect of Teaching using Mathematical Modeling and Differentiated Instruction in Developing Mathematical Thinking in Mathematics for Fourth Students Grade in the Southern Mazar District

Sajida Omar Alkafaween , Hassan Ali Bani Domi

The study aimed to reveal the effect of teaching using mathematical modeling and differentiated education in developing mathematical thinking in mathematics for fourth graders in the Southern Mazar District. The study sample consisted of (75) students distributed into three groups: the first experimental ...

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Career Future Anxiety and its Relationship to Social Responsibility among Students Expected Graduate on Mu'tah University

Rawan Jamal Abu-Hammor , Mohammad Ibrahim Al-safasfeh

The study aimed to reveal the level of professional future anxiety and its relationship to social responsibility among students expected to graduate from Mutah University. On a sample of (150) male and female students expected to graduate, and to achieve the objectives of the study, two scales were developed, ...

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Developing a Measure of Motivation towards Learning according to the Partial Credit Model: A Study on a Sample of Secondary School Students in Tabuk

Mona Mohammed Alzhrani , Shaher Khalid Suleiman

This research aims to develop a measure of motivation towards learning according to the partial credit model of the Item Response Theory (IRT) which is a model of the polytomous IRT. It is a development of the one-parameter Rasch model, which deals with multi-step questionnaires. To achieve the goal ...

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The Level of Withdrawal Behavior among a Sample of Students with Visual Impairments at the North aAcademy in Tabarbour and its Relationship to Psychological Pollution

Doaa Khalid Al-Rahamneh , Mohammad Ibrahim Al-safasfeh

The aim of the research is to reveal the level of withdrawal behavior among a sample of students with visual disabilities at the North Academy in Tabarbour and its relationship to psychological pollution. The second is to measure psychological pollution after confirming their validity and reliability. ...

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The Impact of the Interactive Learning Strategy on Developing the Thinking Skills of the Sixth Grade Students in the Palestinian Governmental Schools of Nablus

Aysha Mohammad Abd-Rabo , Afnan N. Darwazeh

The aim of this study was to identify the effect of employing the interactive learning strategy on promoting the lower, intermediate, and higher thinking skills of the sixth -grade students, and whether the general academic ability, specific academic ability, and gender interact with the type of learning ...

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The Level of Educational Technological Vigilance among Students of the Islamic University of Gaza and its Relationship to some Variables

Mahmoud M. Al Rantisi

The study aimed to identify the level of educational technological vigilance among at Islamic University students and its relationship to some variables. The study used the descriptive analytical method. The study tools were the questionnaire as a data collection tool; it consisted of (31) paragraphs ...

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The Degree to which Educational Qualification Students at the University of Nizwa Possess E-learning Skills and Competencies from their Point of View

Mahmoud bin Zahran Al-Waeli , Saif Nasser Saif Alazri , Hassan Mohammad Al-Omari , Rabee Al-Murr Al-Dhuhli , Eman bint Saeed Al Diriyah , Ahlam bint Mohammed Al Saadia

The study aimed to determine the extent to which students of educational qualification at the College of Sciences and Arts at the University of Nizwa possess electronic learning (e-learning) skills and competencies. It used the descriptive approach. The researchers prepared a questionnaire based on the ...

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The Effectiveness of the Current Events Approach in Teaching History to Develop some Critical Thinking Skills among the Second Year Secondary Female Students in Al Jouf

Layla Sultan Al-Anzi

This study aimed to verify the effectiveness of the current events approach in teaching history to develop some critical thinking skills among the second grade students at secondary schools in Al-Jawf region. The semi-experimental method was used, the study sample consisted of (52) students who were ...

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Family Upbringing and its Relationship to Emotional Intelligence among a Sample of Secondary School Students in Hafr Al-Batin Governorate

Maleeha M. Alanazi , Hadeel M. Shatanawi

This study aimed to identify family upbringing and its relationship to emotional intelligence among a sample of secondary school students in Hafr Al-Batin Governorate. The emotional intelligence of (Bar-On) is translated into Arabic and a scale of family upbringing patterns. The results showed that the ...

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Constructing Criterion Referenced Test to Measure the Scientific Research Skills of Postgraduate Students in Yemeni Universities

Yahya Muhammad Al-Ghail , Ali Saeed Al Tariq

The study aimed to constructing criterion referenced test to measure the skills of scientific research among graduate students in Yemeni universities. The test consisted of (86) singles of the type of multiple choice with four alternatives. It was applied to the study sample consisting of all elements ...

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