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Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence among Students of the Faculty of Sports Sciences at Mu’tah University

Anoud Al-Hjouj , Nuseibah Omamiryyin

This study aimed at identifying the bodily kinesthetic intelligence among the students of the Faculty of Sports Sciences at Mu'tah University. The study sample consisted of (201) male and female students who were selected by the simple random way from the students of the Faculty of Sports Sciences at ...

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The Locus of Control (Internal - External) and its Relationship to Emotional Intelligence among A Sample of Graduate Students at the University of Hafr Al-Batin

Anwar Mohammed Al-Shammari , Hadeel M. Shatanawi

The current study aimed to find out the relationship between the locus of control (internal - external) and its relationship to emotional intelligence among a sample of 152 male and female higher education students at the University of Hafr Al-Batin. To achieve the objectives of the study, the analytical ...

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Constructing a Scale for Students’ Attitudes Toward English Language According to Thurston Method with Equal-Appearing Intervals

Salim Abdullah ALHarthy , Sharif Abdelrahman Alsoudi

The study aimed to construct a measure of students' attitudes towards English language by using the Thurston method with equal appearing intervals. Basically, the study targeted two samples: the first one was the exploratory and the second was the main sample; both samples targeted male and female students. ...

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The Role of Intermediate School Female Teachers in Tabuk City in Enhancing the Critical Thinking Skills of their Students

Laila Bint Muhammad Alsheikhi , Ali Hussein Najmi

The study aimed to identify the role of intermediate school female teachers in Tabuk city in enhancing the critical thinking skills of their students and to reveal the existence of differences in the role of the educational teacher in enhancing critical thinking skills of her students according to the ...

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The Effectiveness of a Counseling Program based on Psychodrama in Reducing the Degree of Social Phobia for a Sample of High Basic Level Students at Al- Wosta Governorate

Khaled Awad Mowanes

The current study aims to identify the effectiveness of a counseling program based on psychodrama to reduce social phobia. The study sample consisted of 40 female students of High Basic Level at Al-Wosta Governorate, which was selected purposively and was divided equally into two groups, i.e., the experimental ...

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The Degree of Practice of Distance Education in Higher Education Institutions and its Relationship to some Variables (Gender, Age) from the Point of View of Students in the Sultanate of Oman in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Salem bin Nasser bin Saeed Al-Kahali

The study aimed to identify the degree of distance education practice in higher education institutions from the point of view of students in the Sultanate of Oman in light of the Corona Covid 19 pandemic, and to identify statistically significant differences in the degree of distance education practice ...

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The Role of Professional Learning Communities in Developing the Skill of Activating the Classroom Platforms Among Social Studies Teachers in some Second and Post-Basic Schools, and its Impact on the Level of Achievement for Students for the Academic Year 2020/2021 AD

Moza bint Mubarak bin Abdullah Al-Saeedia

The aim of the research is to identify the role of professional learning communities in developing the skill of activating the classroom platform among social studies teachers in some of the second and post-basic schools in the governorates of South Al Batinah and North Al Sharqiyah, and its impact on ...

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The Role of the Faculty of Educational Sciences at Tafila Technical University in Promoting Educational Values from the Point of View of Students

Abdullah Ali Al-Jazi

Objectives: The study aimed to explore the role of educational science programs in promoting educational values from the students' perspective. Methods: The descriptive method was used to achieve the study objectives, and a questionnaire was employed as the study tool. The questionnaire consisted of ...

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The Effect of Using Marzano's Learning Model in Achievement and Students' Orientation towards Learning among 7th Grade Female Students in Jordan

Dina Odeh Alsagher , Abdelsalam M. Adili

Objectives: The study aimed to identify the effect of using Marzano's model in achievement and developing an orientation towards learning in science among seventh-grade female students in Jordan. To achieve the purposes of the study. Methods: The study used the experimental approach. The subjects of ...

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The Relationship between the Level of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Social Anxiety in Light of the Prevalence of the Covid-19 Pandemic among Students of the University of Nizwa

Muna. H. AL- Zidi , Samer J. Rudwan

Objectives: The study aimed to explore the relationship between the level of OCD and social anxiety in the face of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic among University of Nizwa students as well as to examine whether there are differences in some variables, such as gender and age. Methods: The data ...

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