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Requirements and Obstacles to the Application of Lean Management at King Khalid University

Rogaia Mohammed Mohammed Ahmed Kratat

The lean management system is based on the philosophy of resource economy as a main focus of production processes but without compromising the quality level required. Lean management aims to achieve zero loss in all areas such as faults, delays, defective product and inventory in all stages of supply, ...

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Effect of Performance Evaluation of Working Women on Performance at King Khalid University Applied to the Colleges of Girls in Abha and Khamis Mushait

Rogaia Mohammed Mohammed Ahmed Kratat

The purpose of the study was to identify the role of working women in the development of the performance of King Khalid University. To this end, the research community, which includes 606 individuals from 8 colleges, was identified. The researcher used the Stephen Sampson equation to determine the sample ...

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The Accounting Measurement of Human Capital and its Impact on Raising the Efficiency of Performance by Applying to King Khalid University

Salwa Derar Awad Mohammed

The research aims to identify the impact of the human capital accounting on the efficiency of performance by applying to King Khalid University. The problem was that the human capital was dealt with only in terms of payroll and salary registration, ie, only as current expenditure. As human capital provides ...

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The Impact of Incentives on Job Performance- An Empirical Study on Khamis Mushayt Community College- King Khalid University

Rawabi Hassan Alshehri

The study aimed to identify the impact of incentives on the job performance at King Khalid University. To achieve this goal, the researcher designed a questionnaire to test the study hypotheses. As a case study: Khamis Mushayt Community College - Female Section, Cronbach Alpha technique was used to test ...

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The role of the Deanship of Human Resources on improving employee performance - An applied study on the Deanship of Human Resources at King Khalid University

Alhossin Yahya Alnami Qurayni

The study aimed to clarify the impact of the Deanship of Human Resources at King Khalid University in developing employee performance by explaining the impact of each (the organizational role, the training role, the developmental role, and the motivational role) of the Deanship of Human Resources in ...

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he role of knowledge in developing the organizational management and raising the performance level of employees in the institutions of higher education (A Field study in the Faculties of Al-Mahalla campus in Khamis Mushait - King Khalid University)

Reda Abdelfattah Ibrahim Mohamed

University education institutions are characterized by the breadth of their activities, the diversity of their fields, and the multiplicity of departments within them, This leads to the interest in developing its administration to match the increase in the level of services it provides to the beneficiaries, ...

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Job engagement and its relationship to job burnout - among faculty members at King Khalid University

Amina Mohamed Soliman Hussein

The research aims to identify the level of job immersion and the level of job burnout, and the relationship between them in application to faculty members at King Khalid University, according to different variables (gender, administrative tasks, duration of work within the university). The research problem ...

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The role of electronic accounting education on the requirements of the labor market in light of the Corona pandemic, by application to King Khalid University

Salwa Derar Awad Mohammed , Abeer Bakri Siralkhatim , Engy Ahmed Mostafa

The study aimed to find out the extent of the contribution of electronic accounting education of King Khalid University to the development of professional skills of students, and to achieve this goal, the study relied on the descriptive and analytical approach through a questionnaire that included professional ...

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Evaluation of the effectiveness of internal communication department management in Saudi universities “A field study on King Khalid University"

Samar Mohammad Altaher Yaseen , Tahani Hassan Othman Abu Red

The present study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of Internal Communication Department at King Khalid University (KKU). The study used the descriptive analytical approach. The questionnaire was adopted as a tool for the study. A random sample of (100) employees working at King Khalid University was ...

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The Relationship between Strategic Agility and the Ability to Manage Crises in Saudi Universities “An Applied Study on King Khalid University”

Najla Ghazy Hamed Al-Yaha , Salim Bourchid Abdelkader

The study aimed at identifying the relationship between the strategic agility and the ability to manage the crisis for the officials of the King Khaled University. The analytical descriptive methodology was adopted. In addition, a questionnaire formed of (52) items distributed on (207) of the officials ...

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