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The Contributions of Student Activities in Enhancing Organizational Citizenship Behavior from the Point of View of the Students of King Khalid University

Reda Abdelfattah Ibrahim Mohamed

The research seeks to identify the contributions made by student activities to the development of organizational citizenship behavior for students of King Khalid University. The study sample consisted of (107) of regular students who are regular in student activities. They were chosen at random. To achieve ...

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The Role of Intellectual Capital in Achieving Creativity -An Empirical Study on the Applied Colleges in King Khalid University

Rawabi Hassan Alshehri

This study attempts to investigate the role of intellectual capital in achieving creativity among faculty members and their equivalents in the Applied Colleges in King Khalid University. The IC components are (structural, human, social, and physiological capital) and their effect on the faculty members ...

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The Role of King Khalid University in Promoting Sustainable Development by Applying the Qimam and Shem Strategy

Ghadah Saeed M Altheeb , Assia Yaqoub Al-Hadi Abd Al-Khair

The study aimed to measure the role of King Khalid University in promoting the concepts of sustainable development by applying the Asir Qimam and Shem strategy. The analytical descriptive approach and the questionnaire were used as a basis for the study and were applied to a random sample of (220) members ...

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